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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Muir Woods


On our way back into San Francisco we stopped at Muir Woods.

This was a suggestion from skoots1mom and I am so glad that we took her advice. One of the park guides told us that some of the trees date from as young as 200 years old to as old as nearly 1000 years old.

There are moments when you experience God’s creation is such a powerful way that the only thing you can say is WOW!

Words simply fail to adequately describe the experience of walking through those ancient redwoods surrounded by thick lush fern and the deep green mossy carpet blanketing the ground.

It was like being transported back to a magical forest filed with fairy tale creatures.

IMG_0149 IMG_0183 

Muir Woods-1 10-09-2009

Here is a five minute video of our time in Muir Woods, if you watch until the end there will be a very sweet and unexpected surprise, how cool is God!

I have to confess that these last four pictures did not come from my camera. It was so late in the afternoon when we arrived at Muir Woods that the dense foliage and late afternoon sun did not make for optimum picture taking conditions.

I was lucky and found these four pictures on the internet.

p211852-San_Francisco-Muir_Woods Muir Woods - redwoods Muir Woods girl Muir Woods Path I

God is awesome in all He does!

I have to think that if His creation here on earth is this amazing I can not even imagine how beautiful heaven will be!




skoots1mom said...

as pretty as i remember...the fawn is too pretty!

sarah said...

I love being out in the woods. That's wehre I hear God's whispers the best. You pics reminded me why I love it out there. Blessings to you. Sarah

2Thinks said...

I've never seen the great Redwoods, but I'd really love to someday. I think I.T. and I will eventually make it out that way to visit Pilgrim and we will all go see these grand trees. I love trees. You got some good shots here. I'm coming back to view the video, I don't have time right now to wait for it to load- duty is calling.

So happy for you that you got to have this vacation! I know you'll figure out the photo album stuff, you're so good with the computer and stuff it can do. I've learned a think or two from you in that dept.

~*Michelle*~ said...

WOW! Those photos are just amazing!! Thanks for sharing...my computer is acting funny so I cannot view the video right now, but am totally coming back to watch it later.

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