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Thursday, October 22, 2009

All I wanted was a pair of socks…

After bible study on Wednesday skoots1mom and I went to lunch. We ate our salads at the out door tables enjoying the wonderful fall weather.

I had commented to her a few days ago that I had purchased a pair of brown shoes, they are kind of clog like shoes and you just side you foot into them. For whatever reason my foot has increased in size with each child I brought into the world. I started with a nice size 7 and now after two children I am in a size 9 1/2. Anyway the size 9 1/2’s were way to tight so I went up a size and after walking around in them for several days in San Francisco they really are a smidge big on my feet, and seeing as I have traipsed all over Napa Valley and Fisherman’s Warf in them I don't think they would take them back.

So after lunch I was on a mission to buy some wool socks on skoots recommendation, something nice and thick to help prevent my feet from sliding around in the cavernous toes of these new shoes.

So I’m off the Kohl’s. Yea for me!!!!

I am driving down the road when I spot something small and green with tiny little eyes poking out at me from under my windshield wipers.

I blink a few times and sure enough there is a small green lizard hanging on to my windshield wipers for dear life as I drive down the road.


He is franticly darting back and forth across my windshield wipers as I drive down the road. I have this rather disturbing thought of seeing him go flying off the windshield into ongoing traffic.

So here is Mr.. Lizard, clinging to my windshield wipers, and looking at me with a sort of panicked look on his face. He is using a bizarre form of lizard E.S.P. saying to me “well are you going to stop or am I going to get a flying lesson into the grill of an oncoming pick up truck?”

Thankfully there was a turn lane into a subdivision just after I pulled onto the road so I eased out of traffic and grabbed my phone.

My first altruistic thought was to try to prevent the splateration of this cute little green lizard. Sadly my second thought was to try to take a picture of him so I could share with all of you.

I put the van in park and hopped out!

Mr. Lizard apparently changes his mind. He no longer feels the need to telepathically communicate his urgent request for help with me.

I walk around to the passenger side of the car and Mr.. Lizard makes a dash for the roof of my car. He scampers down the side of my van, across the window and up the side and then on to the roof.

I then walk back to the drivers side my car in search for something to try to sweep him off the roof with. I snatch a small pad of paper. Y'all will be interested in this as well, it was one of those hotel note pads from the Staybridge Suites (pictured below, it seems that I can no longer complete a post with out including some small insignificant tid-bit from our vacation) in Napa Valley.

IMG_0091 IMG_0090 IMG_0089

Anyway I grabbed the note pad and headed back around to the passenger side of the car.

By this time Mr. Lizard was racing around in circles on the roof of my van.

“Help Me! Help Me!” cries Mr. Lizard “There is a crazy woman with a hotel note pad after me. I’d rather be hurled into on going traffic, Help Me! Help Me!”

I opened the passenger door and was trying to reach up on the roof by stepping up on the seat cushion of the van as I hung on the the car door.

Why you ask?

Well…I don't think I have a logical answer.

There I am hanging on the door of my car with one foot on the seat cushion, hotel notepad in hand, whacking away trying to get Mr. Lizard to see reason and come down off the roof.

Please Mr. Lizard come down off the roof…

Finally I managed to coax him off the roof with my trusty hotel notepad and back down to the side of my van. I quickly snapped a few pictures of him before I gently gave him a light flip the heave ho of into the grass. He sat for a few minutes and collected himself and then dashed of into the bushes without a backward glance.

Crisis averted and a lizard life spared.

I got back in my car, gave skoots a call to tell her of my triumphal lizard rescue and then headed or home.

I was well past the turn off and nearly home when I realized that I had totally forgotten all about my socks.

Oh well, Mr. Lizard VS socks…Mr. Lizard won!



Robin A.K.A a charter member of The Save The Lizards Foundation


skoots1mom said...

you crack me up...
too funny...
i stopped @ wallyworld and bought wool socks! too funny!
they have some on clearance for $3 if you're still interested...I can tell you which aisle to look on :D
I can just see you in my mind hanging onto your car...wonder what the passers by were thinking as they saw you flapping a notepad at your car :)

Kim said...

You might not have gotten socks but you did get some great blog fodder!

Ruthie said...

That is too funny. I laughed as I read it. He didn't even stop for a thankyou to you...and you don't even have the socks. LOL.

Nel said...

How funny... That would of been a kodak moment in itself! I commend you for saving the lizard tho...lolol

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