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Friday, October 30, 2009


We spent about an hour walking around Chinatown. That was more than enough…


Lots of things floating in jars, lots of dried things in baskets, lots of hanging things tied in bunches of string, lots of wonderful smelling food, lots of cheap souvenirs, watches, wallets, handbags, flip flops and jewelry.


Origami folded money.


My name in Chinese, and no I wasn’t going to pay $5.99 for it so I cheated and just took a picture of it instead. My Bad!


Lot’s of things in here that I am sure have some unique purpose!IMG_0206

Then there were these.

After a brief internet search I found this out about them. They are called The Beckoning Cat. Who knew!

Well that was Chinatown in a nutshell, but in Chinatown they dried the nutshell’s and then grind it up and serve it as a medicinal tea which promotes long life and increased vitality!

再见 zài jiàn - good bye in Chinese!



Kim said...

How interesting! We only had about an hour in Chinatown too but we were on a mission to get some cheap souvenirs. lol So we whipped past most places and ducked into just a few stores that looked like their wares might not be too cheaply made. Bought some lovely pillow embroidered pillow covers for less than I would have paid for the fabric alone. But in my quest I totally missed the more fun places like you found. Next time!

Nel said...

How interesting. I have never been. I love the video. I have a confession... I was taking a short video on my old digital of my grandbaby. She went over and stood by her mamma so I turned the camera sideways. LOL What was funny I did not even notice it until we got home and I was watching Eden sing her songs, then all of a sudden it turned. And I thought... "Why did that do that?" And I remembered that I did it. LOL I felt like such a nut... What we don't do...
Enjoyed your post!

Robynn's Ravings said...

I'm so glad you had a great time and the sideways video cracked me up!

Robin, thanks so much for your support and loving words during the last week's events. It means so much. :)

2Thinks said...

Now how did you type in Chinese? You are so clever. Great shots of Chinatown, too!

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