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Friday, July 3, 2009

Thanks Beverly, Love really does smell like Peach Cobbler!

Several weeks ago Beverly over at "Dancing with the Daffodils" wrote a wonderful post on coming together at the dinner table for a home cooked meal.

She shared with us about a peach cobbler she had fixed for her husband, how it smelled and how the act of cooking and having fellowship around the table was the love language she used to show her husband her love.

Well folks I have not been able to stop thinking about home made peach cobbler since!!!!!

I've been smelling that love ever since I read her post, and have had this lingering nagging feeling of incompleteness as the imagined aromas of pechy-ness wafted through my house.

That peachy wafting washed over me the other day at the grocery store and I could resit no longer. I stood in the produce section of my local Ingles and selected several soft fuzzy sweet smelling round bundles of goodness and placed them in my cart.

I restrained myself for a day or two in order to wait for the fruit to come to it's fullest potential.

Each day the fragrance grew more and more intoxicating.

I had waited, endured, dreamed and suffered long enough.

Now to ensure the most successful peach cobbler possible I turned to the pages of my newly acquired Paula Deen Cookbook. If anyone would have the perfect recipe for Peach Cobbler I had faith that "My Paula" would save the day, and she did, on page 158.

My search was over.

I peeled the fruit and the juices were dripping down my wrist, I hated to even waist a tiny drop down the sink, but forged ahead as I sliced and sliced and then generously sprinkled them with sugar to render it's perfectly sweet fruity syrup. Paula's recipe did not call for it but I gave the peaches just small dash of cinnamon, I always have to add my two cent worth of culinary interpretation to any recipe I make.

I added the butter to the dish and placed it in the oven, I am ashamed to admit that I did in fact cut back on the butter by almost half. I love Paula and everything but sadly the state of my thighs will have to be satisfied with 1/2 a stick.

I mixed up the batter and set it aside to wait for the butter to melt.

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I gently poured the batter over the melted butter and watched as the butter oozed over the batter and surrounded it in a puddle of creamy yellow deliciousness.

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Butter, batter, butter, batter OMGosh.

Then comes the good part.

If butter, batter and creamy yellow deliciousness wasn't good enough.

Gentle spoon the peaches over top of the batter & butter and then drizzle with the remaining fruity syrup.

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Bake off in 350 degree oven for 30 to 45 minutes until golden brown and bubbly.

The mouthwatering anticipation of the wait was further prolonged as the cooking time took nearly twice as long. My peaches were cold from the refrigerator and that only added to the length of my cooking time.

In the final stages of baking the house began to fill with the warm, soft fragrance of sweet peaches, or maybe it was love. The edges were golden brown and the juices were bubbling along the sides of the dish.

Yup, I think love really does smell like peach cobbler!

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Serve with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream or just let it cool a bit and and then dive in head first with a spoon. I'm a purist and like my cobbler unadorned, oh and all my spoons were dirty so I dove in with a fork!

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and thanks Beverly for the inspiration!!!!!!!


Granny on the Web said...

You have inspired me too, Robin. It looks a delicious Pud!
I can smell the love from here.

Love Granny

skoots1mom said...

i just bought peaches yesterday :)

Nel said...

mmmm I can almost smell it now! I think my hubby will have a Peach Cobbler in a day or two. Hope you have a wonderful 4th!

a portland granny said...

I smelled that peach cobbler when I read your title! Funny thing, when I read it was from Paula Deene, first thought that flitted across my mind was butter!!

Kim said...

I'm going to have to wait until January but when our peaches come in, we'll have a flood of peaches and some will definitely make it into one of those cobblers!

2Thinks said...

I don't know what it is, but bloggers do have such influence over other blogger fans. You once made me crave iced coffee and I got one that very day and now, I feel I must make this cobbler. I must make it. It looks so delicious!

skoots1mom said...

my first cobbler was horrible...i did something wrong...the dough didn't rise at all.
I remade it again today, scraping all the fruit from the failed one...and
yoo hoo...it worked and is crunchy, gooey, and oh so sweet.
i cut the fat in half and used the Lousiana cobbler mix...it is awesome! the flavor's really good

Terri Tiffany said...

Oh my! I am starving now! It looked sooooo good and the pictures made it even better than your words though they were superb.
I hate the peaches in florida--can I use frozen?

Robynn's Ravings said...

That's MY kinda love! Look simply delicious and my son NEVER loves me more than when something wonderful is cooking in the kitchen. He always comes around fawning over me then. Great incentive to keep the good things coming, doncha think?! :)

Kristen Andrews said...

yummy and now I am hungry!

scrappysue said...

yum, yum, yum! thanks for the comment love!

DidiLyn said...

oh my GOSH!! I always succumb to culinary inspiration. Now the peach cobbler is stuck in my head just like a song I can't get out of my head.
Rod will be rewarded soon for my extensive blog reading.
Your hypothetical blog reader..

Beverlydru said...

You are a Peach!!! Thanks for the shout out. Now I'm really wanting some cobbler again but my love is out of twon and I would eat it all by myself. Not a good plan. I have been behind on my blog reading, so thank you so much for dropping by to say HI to this remiss blogger. I love my bloggy friends and am thankful to count you as one of those special people.

Jerralea said...

Lol, I didn't know Love smelt like peach cobbler. (I figured it would smell like chocolate!) Anyway, glad you enjoyed your cobbler so much. Great post!

Linda said...

So in a way, Beverly's blog was kind of like a "scratch and sniff" for you! ha. That looks delicious!

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