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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It’s all over but the laundry!



I have spent the last few day shaking the saw dust out of my shoes and getting my household back in order. I have one load of laundry yet to do and I have finally made it to the grocery store to restock the pantry. Alas I know have to start actually cooking nightly meals for my family again.

It is always with a small amount of bitter sweetness when campmeeting draws to a close.

This year was no exception.

As we were standing in line for our supper on Friday evening I talked with friends about how sad we all were that it was Friday, yet how tired those of us who stay for the entire week are by Fridays closing communion.

It’s a good tired though.

It get’s said every year “This has been the best campmeeting that we have ever had!” but how can that be?

It can be the best every year because God is simply amazing!

Our preacher was wonderful, Rev. Royeese Stowe was insightful, down to earth and filled with the Holy Spirit as she opened the Word of God to us each night. She was also a hoot, I can’t recall a Campmeeting filled with so much laughter as we listened to her stores.

The weather was abnormally cool for July, praise Jesus!!!

Normally it always hits in the nineties and even a few days where the temp's hit in the hundreds.

But not this week.

God had mercy upon us and we were visited with some of the coolest evenings that I can remember in my 15 years of participation. There were several nights when we were wrapped up in blankets as we enjoyed the evening talking into the night.

There are several things that as the time passes I hope will never change about campmeeting.

We sang those old hymns, you remember them.

The Old Rugged Cross

Where He Leads Me

There’s Power in the Blood

Amazing Grace

Dwelling in Beulah Land

That’s just to name a few.

I can’t seem to get theses sweet melodies out of my head.

I know most of the chorus by heart but the sweetest thing to watch are the saint of our community.

One afternoon the participants of the Older Adult Ministry sponsored by our church came to the morning worship service. The participants of Grace Arbor, that is what this ministry is called, focused on those who have Alzheimer's and other memory issues.

It was amazing to sit across from them and watch as their faces light up as the familiar notes found their ears. Alzheimer's may have taken it’s toll in many painful ways but what I noticed was that most of saints in attendance never one glanced down at their song books. The words came quietly out of there mouths like an old friend.

Campmeeting has a few other time worn traditions as well, aside from wonderful preaching and familiar old hymns.

It would not be campmeeting without the covered dish suppers.

Now this is what I call a buffet, and this is just the left side. IMG_0001

We had Fried Chicken, BBQ, Homemade Green Beans with Ham, Deviled Eggs, Sliced Tomatoes, Cucumber Salad, any kind of casserole you can possibly think off, Corn Pudding, Squash Casserole, Broccoli Casserole, Homemade Macaroni & Cheese, Hash Brown Casserole, Baked Beans, then we move on to the clod summer salads, the Cabbage Crunch (one of my personal Campmeeting favorites), the Pasta Salads, the Potato Salad, the cold marinated 3 Bean Salad, the Layered Salads, Broccoli Salad with Raisin and Bacon, Jell-O Salads, Watermelon, Cantaloupe and on and on and on and on and then if this is not enough there is the…..


Dessert Table  


YES…an entre table just for desserts!

Have mercy!!!!!!!

Homemade Pound Cake, Banana Pudding, Pecan Pie, Brownies, Cheeses Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Peach Cobbler, Blueberry Cobbler, Apple Pie, Cupcakes and on and on and on…



Can I get an AMEN!!!

Thankfully I made it through the entire week without gaining a pound, now that is cause for a halleluiah chorus.

I have learned over the years that the best way to experience the amazing culinary offerings of campmeeting is with a small tasting not a heaping spoonful.

Each night I would settle in after a wonderful meal feeling completely satisfied.

In thinking about our evening meal I can only imagine that the spread laid before us no matter how abundant and lavish was only a small taste of what the Heavenly banquet will be like when I am finally resting in the arms of my savior, I feel certain (or I hope) that Fried Chicken and Banana Pudding will be involved.

Well this concludes my Campmeeting 2009 Post–Part 1.

Keep your eyes on your blog roll for Part 2.




2Thinks said...

What a grrreat campmeeting! I'm drooling over the dessert table. I love Old Rugged Cross and all those old hymns. Why don't churches sing those anymore- what's the deal? Our little church sings 'em.

Kum-by-yah My Lord-

Sarah said...

It was a wonderful week. I miss Royeese.

skoots1mom said...

i'm eager to post about the sermons...ya'll missed some great food and even better fellowship and preachin' :)

a portland granny said...

There is nothing like the week you have just had--a mountian top experience, wonderful food, great fellowship, and a foretaste of what's to come!!

Love everyone of the hymns you mentioned!! I miss singing hymns--there is something so rich and wonderful about them, as well as depth of the words.

Granny on the Web said...

Sounds like you have all had a great time in wonderful fellowship.

Love Granny

Kim said...

"I feel certain (or I hope) that Fried Chicken and Banana Pudding will be involved."
Love your idea of heaven!

After singing only in Spanish for almost a year, just reading the titles of the old hymns brought tears to my eyes. *sigh*

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