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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Test Video

The loading of the video took abut the same time as blogger. I will say it was a bit of a hassle to have to sign up for yet another use name and password and nick name for the video function. But after I got through all the prompts and was registered it was not to bad.

You don't have to watch this video I was just trying to see how easy it was to post one, unless you are unusually bored and need to kill a few mindless moments.


One other high note. I do like the idea of being able to work on post and add pictures with out having to go on line. You have to be on line to upload videos to a post, but you can work on a regular post and add pictures without having to actually be online.

I like that.

I also have really like having the very same editing tools available to me in the Microsoft WORD program as they offered in Windows Live Writer.

So far so good, I think!



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