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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Remember Me???

One minute things are going along like a fine summer day, the skies are blue, the sun is shinning and my cucumbers are coming up gang busters. Each day I wake with anticipating of the lazy nothingness that comes along with the unplanned randomness of a hot summer afternoon.

I check the listing for the dollar theater, make sure I have plenty of ice coffee on hand and breath. I pick cucumbers, walk the dog and read a blog or two.

I love summer!

Sometimes in all the wonderful lazy randomness, life erupts!


The door to hell opens wide and swallows up your life, well maybe the door to hell is to strong a description, maybe it should be more like the door to Jerry Springer's green room on “Who’s your Baby Daddy” day.

And then I look around and I wonder what happen to my calm peaceful life and my lazy summer randomness.

Rest assured that even as life has been erupting and the chaos was whirling I had my priorities in order. I took time each day for my morning visit to my sweet cucumbers babies, are y’all tired of hearing about my cucumber babies????


and my afternoon ice coffee


Now let me just say that as much as I would love to make a daily trip to Starbucks, this would be massively budget prohibitive, I have been know to on occasion (all the time really) save my Starbucks cup and use it over and over again to improve my afternoon ice coffee experience. It can at least look like the real thing. Sad but true!!

Anyway, I am glad to say that life has settled back down to normal (is there really such a thing as normal life???)and I look forward to being able to return to my regular bloggy self very soon.

Thanks 2 Thinks for giving me a shout out!!! and no I have not fallen off the face of the earth, been abducted by aliens or lapsed into peri-menopausal comma.

Although being abducted by aliens might be a nice break, but they would probably want me to do laundry and cook dinner!


Robin A.K.A Temporarily Missing in Blogland

Keep your eyes on your blog roll.

My favorite time of year is next week!!! and I simply can not wait!

More to come later…


Sassy Granny ... said...

I love it that the blogosphere is the "land of no guilt"! We can come and go as we are able, or inspired, or not. But this I also know: you've been missed!

Enjoy that Starbucks.

Be blessed,

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Robin, I love the cucumbers honey that post I have been watching. You go girl. Now what is the deal? You went to Starbuck's and didn't give me a ringy dingy? What kind of deal is that? Looks so delish. What a way to go through the day. Great post. Thanks so much for sharing. Please stop by and say hi. Country Hugs, Sherry

2Thinks said...

Happy to have you back and see the cukes again! I know what you mean about the sunny day ka booming into the dark side- The sun'll come out- tomorrow, but more true to truth is His mercies are new every morning.

Be still and know. Yep. I know you do.


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