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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Waiting for the clay to dry...

No really, that's what I am doing right now. So rather than sit and twiddle my thumbs...Blogging from the studio!

Over the course of the last several month life has been streaching my prayer life.

In a nutshell, parenting semi-adult children is hard. I may end up in the nut house before the process of releasing the girlchild out unto the world is all said and done.

I am seeking the rule book for how to maintain my sanity and control my toung whilst appearing perfectly calm to the rest of the world. Anybody got a copy...cause I really need it.

Wait...rule book, God's  Word, that's it I'll club her into submission with my NIV Study Bible. It's big, thick and certainly heavy enough! Well maybe not, but a girl can dream...

My internal dialog is screaming "Do it my way!" Yet my semi-parental-wisdom is shouting to just keep my trap shut. All this hinges on me being obedient to keep said trap shut...yea, not so much!

Not to mention  you know who stirring the pot of conflict, fear, worry and all other unwanted emotions and thoughts in my head.

Each day I find myself on a continual loop of prayer.

Lord Help me...
Lord Help her...
Lord show me...

Laying in bed at night, tossing and turning and having at time some rather heated discussion with the Lord. 

Cause I need a vacation,

Growing up is painful, the jury is still out on who suffers more in the process. The parents or the children...

Blessing from the Nut House

PS: She hasn't joined a cult, run off with  motorcycle gang or adopted a life of crime, it just feels that way. It's all normal, at least I keep telling myself that anyway.

Prayers appreciated...

1 comment:

The Bug said...

I can imagine my mom having those same conversations with God when I was a teenager :)

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