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Saturday, July 4, 2015

She nailed it this morning...

From my devo this morning, Joyce Meyer was right on target.

"Feelings are fickle; they change frequently and without notification. Since feelings are unreliable, we must not direct our lives according to how we feel. You can be aware of your feelings and acknowledge their legitimacy without necessarily acting on them. God has given us wisdom, and we should walk in it, not our emotions."

In her opening paragraph she writes:

"We all have emotions, but we must learn to manage them. Emotions can be positive or negative. They can make us feel wonderful or awful. They are a central part of being human, and that is fine. Unfortunately, most people do what they feel like doing, say what they feel like saying, buy what they feel like buying, and eat what they feel like eating. And that is not fine, because feelings are not wisdom."

I can totally identify with this. Over the course of the last several months I have been really trying to focus on making better choices. In September of last year the Hubs and I participated in the  bible study Experiencing God.

Honestly, there were some several times when Mr. Blackaby and I differed in thinking. However overall I enjoyed the study. It was a turning point for me in one HUGE area of my life.

The focus of the study was seeking to redefine our approach to God. He is already active, moving, working in our lives, we/me need to tune into where He is at work and actively join in on the process.

My take away from the study, I could not physically join in on anything, aside from sitting and knitting a prayer shawl in my recliner. My temple was in disrepair. There was no one to blame but me.

Reading Joyce's words this morning hit home for me in a big way. I am an emotional eater.  I may want something to eat, but most times it has nothing to do with actually being hungry. 

Over the course of the last several months I have made multiple changes in how I eat, trying to retrain myself. I have moved away from certain things and I am making progress. Giving up the sweet tea was hard, but I have embraced the stevia and am learning to appreciate it's different-ness.

I know there is a wealth of information linking our food choices to all manor of health issues. So far my supplements, removing processed products and eating real food has not had the desired effects on my arthritis. I still struggle with daily pain. But I still have a ways to go in reaching my goals regarding the bathroom scale.

Have noticed some improvement in my knee pain and less pain in my feet, but the hip....still hurts A LOT.

I FEEL discouraged right now! I am tired of hurting...

My feelings are fickle, repeat this statement over and over...

Each day is an opportunity to make better choices. 

There are things I don't want to do but should do, like hip replacement surgery. It will happen at some point in the future, but for now more work on my temple and my thought processes need to change as well. Not to mention coming up with the cash for the surgery...don't get me started on the deficits of our lovely health insurance...thank you Mr. President NOT. If we had our old (substandard...LOL) 80/20 plan in place I could get the care I need, but not now!

But I digress, last night was the first time I actually met my goal for physical activity. WOO HOOO. 

It certainly wasn't the 10,000 step most programs recommend but it was not to bad either.

Everyday is an opportunity for good choices, not so good choices or bad choices. 

It was date night last night, the good thing about making good choices most of the time is that it's ok to splurge once and awhile.

Pizza Bianco at the Greek restaurant...
spinach, onion tomatoes ricotta. ..



1 comment:

The Bug said...

This is SUCH a hard thing to do! I'm really proud of how hard you've been working.

I've had hip surgery & it was a lifesaver - but I think that losing weight might have helped alleviate some of the pain. So here's hoping that your temple repair brings a lessening of pain for you!

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