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Monday, July 13, 2015

Technology Blows...and other stuff too

I've been trying to post all day.
 I started at about 9:30, seeing as it's now 2:00 pm I think this qualifies as having a technology challenge morning.
My day started off well, my coffee was good and my house was quiet....then she woke up.

This really doesn't have anything to do with technology, however, it does have everything  to do with my mood so I will toss  it on the pile for today.

My morning conversation:

Girlchild: "So are you ever going to go back to the gym?"
Me: " I don't like to go all by myself!"

I get a free membership because she works at the gym, I have been once, but I have a hard time going by myself, yes I know this is not a good excuse, however I don't have the funds to pay for a session with a personal trainer and the gilrchild does all her workout late at night....so I am on my own. 

Girlchild: "Well you know healthy eating is not enough if you ever want to lose weight you need to start working out......JUST SAYING!"

I decided it was best to just stop talking to her at this point. I fixed my fruit and yogurt and removed myself from her presence. 

It's easy for a 20 year old who wears a size 0, who can basically eat anything she likes, looks like a supermodel in a string bikini to tell me how simple it is to just drop a few pounds.

She is also not here when the hubs and I return home from our evening walks dripping with perspiration either. JUST SAYING!

But I digress, 

For the past two days I have been working on getting our new PC up and running. Let's just say that being an IT person was never something I aspired to be, unfortunately it seems that with all the new technology out there we all seem to need to be IT specialist to troubleshoot any issues that may come up. 

I tried to post from my phone this morning then my blogger app crashed on me, I had to uninstall and then try to reinstall, then I could not connect with any of my google supported apps. My internet kept going in and out. I was trying to get all my new software and files back on the new PC that has been taking all morning long. 

Needless to say, I am about over technology for the day.

Windows 8....so far the jury is still out!

if you guys don't hear from me in the very near furture its becasue I have bashed my head repeatedly against the computer screen and am in a coma...

one more error message and I may buy a horse and buggy, move to Pennsylvania and hide amongst the Amish.

1 comment:

The Bug said...

I'm afraid to get Windows 8 - so more power to you!

Ah daughters - it's a wonder my own mother didn't disown me!

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