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Thursday, July 9, 2015

The boss is coming to dinner...

Ya know what that means. The house has to be company clean.

I put a considerable dent in my list of chores yesterday, so I am in good shape.

Fortunately we have had the boss out for dinner a few times, so my stress level is minimal.  He is a nice man and my husband and he get along very well. He is from Germany, his wife and children have gone back home for a visit with family leaving him "home alone" so the Hubs offered some table fellowship.

So I am off to Walmart to buy a new set of drinking glasses, I don't think I have four that match anymore, cause ya know they break....I might even buy some new towels for the hall bathroom.

I am live'n on the edge...NOT!

Normal life requires new drinking glasses from time to time.

That's about as profound as it gets for me today.



The Bug said...

Here's how wild & wooly we are - after 25 years of marriage I think we've broken maybe 2 glasses - and those weren't our "good" glasses. We still have all of those! Of course, we have no children and VERY rarely entertain :)

Terri Tiffany said...

That is so cool that his boss is from Germany. It would make for an interesting meal, I think. I'm like you, I brought a mishmash of glasses here and hope I don't ever need four to match!

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