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Monday, July 20, 2015

#repairmytemple update

So what is the deal with weighing first thing in the morning?

What does time of day have to do with how much my body weighs? I get that my tummy is empty, but really what's the dif...

Anywhoo, over the course of the last few months I have been kicking myself for not having kept a better record of my progress.

Well I did a bit of back tracking this morning and was VERY pleasantly suprised.

I downloaded a fitness app to my old phone about a year ago. Well apparently when I set it up I had to enter all my stats into it to begin with. Well fast forward 13 months, factor in that I can't remember half of what I did last week let alone  13 months ago, which brings me to this morning.

My new phone came with a fitness app already installed, so I had been using that one out of convenience. I had downloaded the other app, it has a great function for breaking down the calories of recipes.

I have a point...really...

I was beginning to notice that my clothing was not fitting, but since I have not been dilegent in tracking my overall progress I was very pleased to re-remember that I had that old app on my phone.

On a whim yesterday, I snatched up a pair of jeans from the "I can't wear anymore pile" from the bottom of my closet and...

Wore them to church. ..

The Hubs did not notice, but then do men ever notice??? Not to mention that I have/need to loose a few more before it becomes really noticeable.

So here is the good news!

This morning when I updated the info on the "old" app I found that over the course of the last year I have lost 27 pounds...Oh my goodness!

I knew I was slowly making progress, but it was nice to actually see how much.

Making small incremental changes over time, focusing on real healthy food and removing processed products has made a huge difference.

Balance and moderation are the key.

Case in point, the Hubs and I throughly enjoyed the fried chicken, mac & cheese and biscuits over the weekend and it did not send me on a downward spiral feeding frenzy. Now as a treat every once and a while fried is ok.

But as a general rule, we don't do anything fried.  Very little bread, cut way back on pasta and removed the sugar. My rule is to try to keep the food as close to how it comes out of the ground. If I can't pronounce it then I don't eat it.

I still have areas in which I struggle, I can only speculate where I would be if I was really dilegent with my physical activities.  My mobility issues are still problematic as my hip continues to be an issue.

But for today I am very happy with my progress.

Continued prayers for dilegent are appreciated.


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The Bug said...

WAY TO GO!!! I'm really proud of you (as I head off to yet another Weight Watcher's meeting where I'll either have a gain, stay the same, or at most lose a few ounces - grrr). I need to get my head in the game & you're just the inspiration I'll use!

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