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Monday, March 14, 2011

An updated from The Board of Domestic Household Affairs: An unexplained anomaly.

Researchers at the southern offices of the Board of Domestic Household Affairs have expressed extreme concern over a blog post that appeared on the world wide web over the weekend.

It seems that a rare and unexplained anomaly occurred at one of our satellite offices resulting in the spontaneous and unexplained replication of an ordinary roll of household bathroom tissue.

On further investigation it appears that some rare and very explicit photographic evidence of this anomaly has also been established.

Researchers are predicting that along with this spontaneous regeneration of bathroom tissue we may also expect anomalies to occur in the form of empty tea pitchers spontaneously refilling themselves after having been put back in the refrigerator empty.

The Director of the Board of Domestic Household Affairs has issued a warning, but was unwilling to call for a nationwide investigation without further scientific data to support these findings. The Board has sent a team of investigators to gather as much information on the anomaly as possible before making the final determination on issuing a nationwide or even global warning.

This rare anomaly may be the beginning of some very serious domestic consequences in the future. The Board of Domestic Household Affairs has contacted My Hands His Glory and as of yet has not received a comment.

We will be following up with members on staff at the satellite office to determine if this unexplained anomaly occurs again. We will be keeping an eye on this research facility an report back to the scientific community in the weeks to come. If further unexplained activity should occur we will report it immediately.

The Board of Domestic Household Affairs would like to ask all members at large to please be on the look out for any further anomalies that may occur. We would be very interested in your feed back should you yourself experience an encounter with this unexplained phenomenon.

Thank you!


The Regional Director of the Southern Board of Domestic Household Affairs


skoots1mom said...

UPDATE: From the satellite office reporting to the Southern Board of Domestic Household Affairs--
sierra kilo52 calling romeo lingo51:

SierraKilo52 has been off site 'thrifting' with investigator-in-training charlieVictorKilo18 and hadn't read previous message until now.

Following is sierraKilo's latest findings...

Said anomaly was not claimed by the unnamed suspect; however, finger prints found at the scene have confirmed the previous suspect.

Other evidence was compromised in that flushing had already occurred

This scene investigator didn't need further proof and was satisfied with just the fingerprint evidence.
Further follow-up investigation at this residence confirmed another conspiracy to almost mimic the tea incident...the drink slots of the residence refrigerator were found completely empty, even though soft drinks were in abundance in the garage.

Seems there might be another culprit on these premises unable to replace sodas.

Fresh 'empties' were found on the kitchen counter and in the garbage receptacle instead of in the recycle bin.

We are pending fingerprint analysis and, therefore, have been unable to secure the suspect until such evidence has been confirmed.

This site recommends holding onto your 'hopes and dreams' in that multiple misdemeanors continue to appear, almost quicker than they can be handled by the local CSI team.

Will keep communication lines open in case we have MORE threatening emergencies..over.
sierra kilo52 out!

The Bug said...

As I told Skootsmom you guys are killing me today :) Too funny!

Toyin O. said...

So funny, thanks for sharing:)

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