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Friday, March 11, 2011

Flashback Friday ~ Complete Humiliation circa 1975

When I read the prompt for this week there was only one thing that flashed in my mind.

The memory sent me scurrying for my old year books!

Gym Uniforms!

Surely there had to be some evidence of our forced group humiliation and sadly there was!


Thankfully I was not captured in this year book picture. However I remember these gym uniforms very well!

We had to endure these lovely fashion statements at one of the High Schools I attended. It was horrible, unattractive, hot and sweaty and to top it off it was a wonderfully flattering dirty gold-ish mustard color. It was a one piece jump suit that snapped at the shoulders made out of polyester and I HATED it!

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Mocha with Linda said...

So I was just wondering. . .how did you really feel about gym clothes?! LOL

Thanks for finding the pic!

skoots1mom said...

soooo, being one of the other sufferers of those HORRIBLE striped polyester things, mine was hunter green with white stripes...at least it went with my hair, hahahah!
They wouldn't absorb sweat; but they surely absorbed the tinch that came with 9 weeks' worth of pe and sitting in your locker (some girls never took them home to wash on the weekends!)...ugh.
I used to actually take a shower before going back to class, more of a rinsing than a shower...i was soooooo glad when i got to throw it away! do you see P. Palmer peeking thru the back of that picture...oh, the things we didn't know then but found out later.

edshunnybunny said...

Great photo! LOL I'm glad we didn't have gym suits! That would have added insult to injury ! :)

bekahcubed said...

Not having been forced to wear such items in my own growing up years, whenever I find a short-jumpsuit at a used store I always try it on. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?), I never manage to fit. My torso is always too long, I have to try to compress my back to get the shoulders up over my own. I can't imagine if I had to put one of those on and then try to RUN in it.

Barb Vanderveen said...

Thanks for posting this! I was just telling my youngster coworkers what we had to wear back in the day! Lol - red with grey stripes!

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