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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday…or maybe not!

One of the things I notice about this hormonally charges time in my life is that sometimes the slightest things can send me down a path of no return.

I woke this morning at 3:45 and try as I might I simply could not get back to sleep. So there is some major un-thankfulness going on on that front!

So I started off the day with a bit of a mental as well as physical deficit.

So I thought that maybe a bit of thankfulness was in order.

I am thankful that today is Thursday, my official day off and that I do not having anything pressing that has to be done.

Having exited the master bathroom where I deliberately walked by several piles of laundry not to mention a toilet and shower that are in desperate need of cleaning, not thankful about either of these two situations, however I am thankful that I have a working washing machine and cleaning supplies at hand should a miracle happen and I get the urge to utilize both of these blessing in my life!

I flipped on the television this morning and there she was in all her violet eyed splendor. Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. I have been watching it though out the morning as I pour an additional cup of coffee while talking on the phone with one of my accountability sisters. Today I am sad that a Hollywood legend has passed but ever so thankful that we have so many of her finest films at hand to remember her by! Y’all know me! I love a good movie, cause don’tcha know there will be some Elizabeth Taylor marathons in the very near future going on….

I am thankful that spring is here. I have countless plans wandering through my head. What to plant, where to plant it, how much compost to buy, will I actually get a tomato to grow in my yard this year, how am I going to keep the dog from lifting his leg on my salad greens, why do I keep forgetting exactly when the cut off date for frost is. All these thoughts are just spilling out of my head and I am so thankfully that very soon it will be time to get my hands in the dirt and get some stuff planted!

Lastly I am very thankful for the aforementioned accountability sister/sisters. It never fails to continually amaze me at the importance of knowing that you have someone that fully understand you, fully accept you and yet continues to love you any way! On those days when you are sleep deprived and the world feels to big or too dark or too overwhelming I know that all I have to do is pick up the phone. Thankful is not even a proper adjective for what this mean in my life!

Y’all for more Thankful Thursday head over to Bug’s Eye View and link up!

Blessings and Thankfulness



skoots1mom said...

and i['m so sorry u didn't sleep well. may it be an only 'once in a while thing'
i slept better after talking w/ u yesterday; helped me gt better perspective
God is so gentle w/ us even when we perceive it as slaps

The Bug said...

I had to laugh at your thankfulness for products that you may or may not use today - that is so me! My plan is to vacuum tonight - and I'm thankful that I have a working vacuum - but it might not happen. :)

Emily said...

It's a good thing to count our blessings when we are feeling down or tired.. (HALT: Hungry, Angry, Tired, Lonely)

Have a blessed day, Robin!

PS-- thanks for always stopping by my blog, and leaving such kind input. :)

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