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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project 364 ~ Week 11

Sunday, March 6

Chocolate Mocha Ice Box Cake

The DD did a great job making this amazing cake. She ran across this recipe last week while she was exploring the old “Honey Did Ya Write That One Down!” binder. It was super easy, a bit ingredient heavy but not to complicated. I will say that I think the proportions were off a bit. The instructions said that there should have been five layers starting with the cookies and then layer the mocha whipped cream and so on and so forth. I have always found this to be the case that it never quiet work out exactly like the recipe says it will. We only managed to get four layers.

This is what it was supposed to look like!

Picture of Mocha Chocolate Icebox Cake Recipe

This is what the DD’s looked like!


It was delicious, but I think next time we may increase the mocha whipped cream and decrees the layer of cookies.


Monday, March 7

Never let it be said that the hubs doesn't know when to fold his cards. It’s the beginning of allergy season and he suffers greatly. This also means the  decibel lever of his snoring increases exponentially as the pollen count goes up!

Ear plugs from my love!


Tuesday, March 8

Sometimes I think
Our heads might be enclosed
Closer together upon the pillow's space,
And how into the dark deeps of your eyes
I'd look and think of angels. Then your breath
And all the aura of your body's breathing
Intoxicatedly would overwhelm me
And I would die. For it is too much
That such a thing should be and I should live.
Surely the thought is greater than reality,
The sum of you and love outsteps infinity.

William Shakespeare, who knew he was a dog lover!


Wednesday, March 9

Well we’re only on week 27 and we have less that 7 weeks to go to complete this study and I finally have a marker board in my Disciple class room. Apologies for the photograph, I took it with my phone…..


Thursday, March 10

Spinach & Cheese Omelet


Friday, March 11

The DD had a sleepover and the hubs was out of town on business so I had the house to myself! I made a stop at the new Kroger and picked up some dinner. This is a super fancy Kroger so they have a full salad bar as well as a fancy section in their Deli where you can get a hot meal served up. Not to bad for $5.99, two pieces of chicken, two sides and a dinner roll. The gentleman who served me was very nice to me and offered me a third side for free so i got the apple crisp. It was all very good, all except for the roasted vegetable, they had seen better days but over all for under $6.oo what can I say!



I enjoyed my fried chicken while watching one of my DVR selection, ya know the ones you have to watch when the hubs and DD are not around. I watched an old one Les Misérables, I had never seen this one before and it was very good! I have become a HUGE Leim Neeson fan!

Then I had a bowl of chocolate frozen yogurt with dark chocolate Hershey's on top.

It was a good evening at home all by myself. 

Saturday, March 12

This was on sale…I’m not a huge fan of flavored creamers. I find most of them to be to sweet! This however seemed to have a wonderful balance of hazelnut flavor without being overly sweet!


Well that’s it for me and this weeks Project 365. For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!




Mrs_Thielke said...

Your post made me oh so hungry! All that food looks delish. And the creamer...*sigh...I may just have to make me some coffee now. :)

Great pictures!
Following you from the P365 bloghop!


sara said...

Your food always looks so good! But that dessert....oh my!!!

skoots1mom said...

pretty cake...or stack of chocolate chip cookies!

Mary said...

Sometimes a night alone is just what you need, isn't it?
The cake looks good, DD did a good job (even if it didn't look exactly like it was supposed to!)...do they ever turn out like the pictures, anyway?

RaD said...

Okay, now I'm in the mood to watch Les Misrables. :)

Uh, that omlet looks awesome, wanna share some?

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

that desert looked yummy. hope you have a great week

rita said...

Love your header and verse.
And all the food!
Great way to spend an evening alone.
We need those times too.
I tried to look into I Win You Win but could not find info to follow through.


That cake looked awesome. Will you share the recipe with us?

Kim said...

Hazelnut is my favorite flavor of creamer! I agree, most are too sweet, but we found the hazelnut to be just right :)
The mocha cake looks soooooo delicious! I'm a fan of anything mocha flavored :) Actually I'm a fan of anything edible. lol
Have a wonderful week!

Mimi said...

All of that food looks so good. I love hazelnut coffee and that is a great price for that meal!

Have a great week,

The Bug said...

I don't really like mocha, but that cake looks really good regardless - yum!

I love evenings to myself - not too many, but every now & then is great.

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