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Friday, March 4, 2011

Flashback Friday ~ Platform Shoes, Bell Bottoms, Mood Rings and Paisley….

I needed a bit of memory reinforcement so I bowed to the powers of the internet for a bit of help. I found this website Crazy Fad’s, you can click over and see various list of the fad’s by decade. I chose 1970.

Let’s see how many I can remember or how many I actually purchased or participated in shall we!

Muscle Cars (Trans Am / Camaro) - Didn’t have one but had a huge crush on a boy in high school who did.
Star Wars action figures - Loved the movies and secretly wanted to be Princess Leia
Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific - Yes, I may have even bought a few bottles of the shampoo.
CB Radios and CB radio sayings ( like "breaker, breaker" and "That's a 10-4 good buddy") – Yes, I used to be friends with a girl in high school and her family was into CB radios big time and we would play around with it on sleep over's.
Acupuncture - No
Creepy Crawlers - No
Streakers – remember seeing them on the nightly news.
Rocky Horror Picture Show - YES
Leisure Suits – NO, remember them never wore one or dated anyone who did.
Play-Doh - Yes
Platform Shoes - Yes
Dorothy Hamil haircuts – No, I was a long hair kind of girl.
Flower Power – Yes, I remember the phrase, but that’s it!
Mopeds – Never rode one.
Spirograph – Loved it!
Primal Scream Therapy – Thinks they need to bring this one back!
Big Wheels – Played with one but never owned one.
Silly songs (like Kung Fu Fighting, the Streak, Convoy, etc.) - YES
Keep on Truckin' _ YES
Earth Day - YES
The Hustle (dance) – Remember it but if memory serves never learned how to do it!
Perms for men – That would big a no!
String Art - YES
Polyester – Sadly yes!
Banana-seat bikes – Had one, rode one!
Slip n' Slide – YES!
Mood rings – YES!
Mr. Whipple ("Please don't squeeze the Charmin")  - YES!
Legos – Played with at friends.
UFOs – That would be No, but then if I had been abducted by aliens they probably wiped my memory clean of the experience.
Bean Bag chairs – YES, my first apartment was nearly entirely furnished with them.
Pong (and Atari and held video games) – NO, remember it but never played or owned one!
Silly String – YES!
Boop On hairstyles – I have no clue what this is!
Rockem Sockem Robots – Remember playing this game with friends.
Happy Days (TV Show) – Weren’t we all in love with the Fonz?
Silly Putty – Loved it! Taking it and flattening it out and pressing in on the comics section of the newspaper, love it. It was like magic!
tetherball - No
Abba – I am sure I did!
Disco Music – YES!
Lava Lamps – YES, owed a few!
beer can collecting – That would be a bib NO!
Amway Distributors - No
Strobe Lights – No!
sea monkeys – No!
Etch-a-Sketch – YES! One of my favorites growing up! I used to be intrigued with the internal working and would try to uncover the entire screen so i could see how it worked on the inside.
Billy Bear – ???
Lite Brite – Had one and loved playing with it!
Magic 8-Ball – Never had one.
Light shows for your room - No
Toga parties – NO, but I did see Animal House and that came out in 1978!
Charlie's Angels – YES!
View-Master - YES
Mad Libs – ???
Women wearing men's clothing (inspired by the movie Annie Hall) – Big YES!
Cork Pop Guns - No
Air Hockey - No
Hitchhiking – That would be a BIG No!
8-Track Tape Player – Probably YES!
peace banadanas – don’t think so….
Hot Wheels - NO
Yahtzee - probably
Barbie – HUGE YES!
Nylon jogging suits - no
Bell bottom pants – YES!
Wizzers – ???
Fondue pots – Back then not so much, now it’s a BIG YES!
Shag Rugs – My first apartment had shag carpeting.
Matchbox Cars - NO
Everyone lighting a match at rock concerts - YES
Tang - YES
Hardy Boys - YES
Weaving looms - YES
Stretch Armstrong – I remember this but don’t think I ever had one!
Spin-Art – Big YES!
Battleship – YES!
Glass Eating – That would be a big no, I do remember seeing folks do this on the news!
Glitter - YES
Baseball Cards – NO, had no interest in sports.
Pop Rocks – ???
Hot Pants – Sadly I do remember these and I probably wore a few pairs.
feathered hair/bangs – Hair cuts was just something that was not in the budget when I was growing up. We got out bangs trimmed in the kitchen and it was straight across no frills.
Purses for men - NO
Farrah Faucet hair – Didn't we all want to look like Farrah?
Radios in unusual shapes and forms – Remember them!
The Dunkin Yo-Yo – No clue!
Mutton chop side burns – Remember them and thankfully never dated anyone with them!
Holly Hobbie greeting cards & collectibles – Remember them, but they just were not my style!
45 record singles – YES!
Operation – YES, loved that game!
Slime – Remember it, may have even played with it!
Nerf – YES!
hopscotch – Who didn’t?
Stridex pads and Clearasil – Big YES!
Dashboard Hula Girls - NO
English Leather aftershave - NO
Black lights – YES, had on in my room!
Not showering – NOOOOOOO! Yuck!
Model kits - No
Paisley Shirts – Probably had one!
Earth Shoes – I think I have a pair in my closet right now.
Mexican Jumping Beans – Remember them!
smiley face stickers – Remember them and used them!
Afros - No
Key parties – I don’t think I want to know what this but I can make a guess…
Pet Rocks – Had one I think!
Easy Bake Oven – YES!
Sand art – YES!
Telephone Booth stuffing – Never participated in one!
Twister – YES!
Crayons - YES
Pukka shell necklaces - YES
The Bicentennial – YES!
Socks with toes – Had a few pair, my favorites were the one with the different colors on each toe!
Sea Monkeys – Remember them but never had any!
Crockpots and toaster ovens – BIG YES!
whiffle balls - No
Hi-Fi - YES
Waterbeds – YES


Well that’s it for me! For more Flashback Friday y’all head over to Mocha with Linda and link up!




bp said...

Fun memories today, it's brought up a lot of things for me to think about and remember! I looked at those lists on CrazyFad too to get some ideas.

Mocha with Linda said...

I couldn't believe I forgot Mr. Whipple when we did the ads FF! Yep, I had platform shoes, a spirograph, and some of those other things!

Joyce said...

I had looked that list over when I first saw the prompt. So many things I'd forgotten about!

I think I'll go thru it in check list form like you did...fun memories!

skoots1mom said...

Star Wars action figures -- loved CHEWIE

Streakers – my dad chased one thru a parking lot while we sat in the car; we had no cameras back then, would love to have a pic of that!

Leisure Suits – my dad had a baby blue and a beige one...ew!

Play-Doh - one of my favs!

Platform Shoes - of course

Dorothy Hamil haircuts – my sister had long hair like you used to have...after she married, she got it cut into a hamil...what a shock!

Flower Power – my pattern in my bedroom had that written on it; and it was covered in orange and yellow flowers...ew!

Keep on Truckin' - had a shirt with this on it

The Hustle (dance) – many nights I danced the hustle; band parties, etc.

Mood rings – still have one

Happy Days (TV Show) – Joanie drove me crazy.

Silly Putty – comics section art was my fav, too! loved pulling them out of proportion and making them look silly.

tetherball - had one in our backyard

Abba – 2 albums in my basement

Disco Music – ya don't even have to ask

Magic 8-Ball – have one in my office closet

Hot Wheels - many

Yahtzee - in my closet

Barbie – in my mom's closet

Nylon jogging suits - too many to count

Bell bottom pants – same as above

Fondue pots – Back then not so much, now it’s a BIG YES!

Tang - made a lot of russian tea with it

Hardy Boys - my sister read these

Spin-Art – loved doing this at the school carnivals

Battleship – in my game closet

Pop Rocks – too many packets eaten

Hot Pants – yes, and i had 'sizzlers' too

feathered hair/bangs – yep

The Dunkin Yo-Yo – had 3 of these

Mutton chop side burns – my first boyfriend had them, hahahaha! but he was sooooo cute.

45 record singles – still have 'em

Operation – still have it

Slime – bought it; learned how to make it in science class

hopscotch – played it quite a bit

English Leather aftershave - my muttonchops man wore it, hahaha!

smiley face stickers – these were also on my curtains and bedspread with the flower power stuff

boy, i'm old.

Emily said...

That's so fun!! I might do this one day next week!

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