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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 10

Sunday, February 27
IMG_5058 crop
Monday, February 28
For dinner it was Pork Chops lightly floured and fried, stuffing with roasted red peppers,spinach and fennel, spiced cranberry sauce, fresh pineapple and red grapes.
Tuesday, March 1
Ever had a Blood Orange? When I was at the new Kroger I picked up a bag. The jury is still out. I have no frame of reference so I am not sure if the way they taste is how they are supposed to taste or maybe I just got a bad batch. They are very sour!
The Cherry Tree in the back yard is in full bloom!
I think it subliminal but when I make my afternoon ice coffee in a Starbuck’s cup it tastes a better. I love watching the milk swirl around just before I give it a good stir.
Wednesday, March 2
I am not sure if this is a praise or a concern. I posted about the Starbuck’s  in the new Kroger last week. Well the mileage on the trip-o-meter measured exactly .5 miles to the Starbuck’s from the front of my subdivision.
Thursday, March 3
I made a trip to the post office. My giveaway is the mail heading to A Bug’s Eye View!
Friday, March 4
I forget sometimes that I have a camera in my phone. We had to do some running around on Friday evening and we made a stop at Sam’s for staples items and there was a Steak N’ Shake just around the corner. I think this must have been the busiest Steak N Shake on the planet. I have never ever waited 20 minutes for a table at Steak N Shake in my life. It was good though and yea we came home with milkshakes, my hand dipped weapon on hip destruction is the Mocha Shake. I have half of when I get home and them put the other half in the freezer for another night. 
Saturday, March 5
There aren't many times you get to witness your parental influence paying off. I got a small glimpse of a bit of mother daughter heritage on Saturday morning. For a while now the DD has been asking for her own recipe binder. It is now on the list for our next trip to the Wal-Mart. She wants to start assembling her own cook book and she want to make sure she get full culinary rights to all her favorite dishes. I am not sure what prompted this spurt of domestic diligence, but she spent the better part of the morning and well into the afternoon going page by page through my recipe binder asking questions, making a list of all the recipe she was staking her claim to and passing over the less desirable ones. She now has her list formulated and on our next trip to the Wal-Mart you can be sure there will be a giant binder in our cart to get her started.
IMG_5098 IMG_5096 
As I watched her diligently make her list and through out the morning answered multiple culinary questions, “What’s a brisket?” or “When was the last time you made that?” and “Did I like that when you made it?”
I was a small thing but I took comfort that traditions are being formed. One day she will have her own binder and her future husband may call out after dinner “Honey did ya write that one down?”
I also saw a future young mother sitting with her future child passing down the family recipes that have been gracing our kitchen table and family gathering for a long long time!
It was good y’all!
Well that’s it for me this week. I can’t believe I got a picture every day!
For more Project 365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!



RaD said...

Awww... What a sweet mommy moment.

That sunset is AMAZING!

Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

Great pics! A friend brought us blood oranges for Christmas & I had never heard of them. My kids loved them! Have a great week!

skoots1mom said...

i love that you had great daughter moments this week, too!!

Mimi said...

That is such a great moment, I have some recipes that I wished that I had now.

Have a wonderful week,

Rebecca Jo said...

I dont think I could eat that orange just for the name of it... egads!

Your dinner looks so healthy with the pineapple & grapes... it looks so yummy

mmmm... starbucks....

what a beautiful sunset... I love to see the beginning & ending of a day - the most beautiful time God creates

The Bug said...

Beautiful sunset & flowers, & your dinner looks great, but I'm drooling over your burger - yum! My mom probably wished that I had spent some time getting recipes from her - but I did get a few of my favorites. I'm excited about my prize!

The Bug said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lailani said...

A good week! I have not tried a blood orange yet, but I did buy a bag called red oranges - the little sticker on the orange said California Pink -they were wonderful!


Awesome sunset picture and food. I am a hamburger lover and that one looked sooo good.

sara said...

my daughter has done the same thing! and each time she comes home she asks me to show her how to make another of her favorite dishes

The Cyber Hermit said...

Great pictures - that sunset was awesome!

I am enjoying the passing along of recipes as well. My kids live all over now but they write me on Facebook and ask "Remember when you made X? You still have that recipe?" I love that I get to share with them that way.

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