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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Snarling, anxious and just down right overwhelmed…

Well I have had a few hours to calm myself down.  I got a hefty dose of my tax dollars being spent in the most inefficient means possible this morning.

High School Registration.

Oh My Stars!

Now I am not a rocket scientist however I do believe I could logically lay out the campus of a high school in a more efficient manner than the county system we have in place.

I will also say that whoever published the map of the current layout of the building should get a big fat ‘F” in my book.

PLUS, I would seriously like to know who’s brilliant idea numbering the rooms with decimals is?

Seriously what wrong with good old fashioned numbers.

I think I am capable of figuring out how to get to room 507  without the aid of a decimal. I can even read a map if it’s oriented properly, which this one wasn’t.

I have never in all my born days experience anything as confusing or ridiculous as the layout of the high school that the DD will be attending. As soon as I can form a coherent word I plan to strongly suggest that who ever constructed that map of the facilities go back to cartography 101 for a refresher course.

Not to mention that there was no way to actually accurately follow her course schedule from start to finish because we couldn't find the up staircase or the down star case, so after trudging around the campus and up the down stairs and down the up stairs at least a dozen times in near 90 degree heat (air conditioning…if it was on it was so not working!!!) we threw in the towel and just went home defeated.

I can safely say that my anxiety was in no way lessened by the experience. The teachers seemed unable to decipher the map as well. We left after almost three hours still unsure of the most effect way to get from point A to point B. I have had visions of the freshman class running willy nilly around on the first day like tiny little white mice trapped in a mad scientists maze with no adult supervision what so ever.

It did nothing to calm my fears of sending my beloved child off on her first day of High School.

I don’t think these folks know what they are doing!

Seriously somebody please explain this to me…


Shaking my head with concern….


skoots1mom said...

ck hooked up with melissa @ orientation and she walked her thru her schedule...i couldn't keep up.
Literally, all ck's classes were on opposite ends of the school between each class. The sophomore year was much better and I didn't even attempt to do it with her...I just went to the teachers classes (that I knew from having talked with other parents) were going to be more difficult.

Ask Logan to seek out someone in youth that is or has gone to Dacula...they can cover the map with her, highlighting where to be @ what time ... CK did that thru color code and it made it easier.

Did you end up around $200 to get her rolling in everything? That's about what we had. Kept me from having to send in payments later for dues, athletic events and yearbook.

Oh, and guess what? There are LOTS of opportunities to volunteer with PTA also ;)

skoots1mom said...

sorry it was so rufffffff!

2Thinks said...

I have never heard of registering with payment or otherwise, in this way, for high school. Hmm. Maybe because we homeschooled two and the one who did go to real school did it all on his own with not much help from this old mom, who didn't really want him to go there in the first place. Maybe that sorta explains why he now lives in California. Not sure. But...

look at the bright side

It can only get better, right?

lailani said...

lol! School started here Monday, so Sunday at 4:00 they offered us freshman open house. It was chaos - not organized chaos. Just chaos. No decimals, but some of the rooms still did not have numbers. Oh, the biggie - NO AIR! NO FANS! Hundreds of people, sprinkled with quite a few "must not have graduated 2nd grade" beings messing up the flow and adding to more heat to the South Georgia August temps - whooooo! So I feel your pain.

But then again - decimals??? Oh I did notice in your picture the braille on the sign, there are several blind freshman at my sons school this year - I did not notice braille on our decimal free signage :)

May the year start off with few problems than registration!

The Bug said...

I'm sorry I'm laughing at your frustration - you just tell it in a funny way to me. I'm a fine one to laugh though - when I went to high school I couldn't find my home room on the first day - & my school was pretty much shaped like a T. Very sad LOL.

Terri Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh have things changed! my dd highschool was too easy to get around--small--I admit.

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