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Monday, August 23, 2010

Facebook: Pondering the meaning of life vs.. an ignored friend request

Inquiring mind want to know…if I have sent someone a friend request on Facebook and I see that they have recently accepted a request from someone on my friend list but have not responded to mine what does that say?

I logged out this morning pondering…

Do they not want to be friends with me?

Is this a cyber dis?

Why do I care? I could theoretically live the rest of my life and be very happy and never cross this person’s path ever again. It’s not like we even run in the same circles or have any outside connections beyond going to the same church. On rare occasions running in to each other when I am out and about grocery shopping or just running the occasional errand.

It feels like a dis. It feels like being ignored and I wonder in this age of social networking and instant messaging if we have lost something in the cyber translation.

Have we lost the art of friendship? Of being neighborly? Of being polite? The personal effort and time it takes to build a relationship with someone is a blessing. I know I have the amazing gift of having many very good and close friends in my life whom I value more than anything.

If you have an issue with your neighbor well, I know what Charles Ingalls would have done. Pa would have walked Half Pint over to the neighbors house and they would have had fresh baked cookies and milk at the kitchen table and discussed the issues between the two of them. Afterward they would have gone fishing down at the creek and all would be right with the word.

So I toss this question out there.

Is it a personal slight when someone you know ignores you on Facebook?

Is it that they are technologically challenged?

Or possibly is it more direct and they simply don’t want to be friends with me on Facebook?

Maybe they don't want to be friends with me in any form what so ever.

I have to wonder as I was having my daily visit to my Facebook page, do I offend?

Do I rub the wrong way?

Is it the way I dress?

Do I not have the right circle of friends?

Do I not live in the proper zip code?

Are my hore’s moaning? Which they are by the way in a HUGE way, so maybe I am just primed for taking this way to personally But sometime it seems to complicated and just down right to much work.

So what do y’all think?

I really would like to know!

Today I am longing for the simpler life of Little House on the Prairie, but even Walnut Grove had Nellie!

Today I am logging off of Facebook and moving on to something that edifies and uplifts.




The Bug said...

I had a similar situation. Probably a year ago I send a friend request to someone in my church. She never responded & I felt a little hurt but moved on. Then this past weekend she sent ME a friend request LOL. So I don't know that that was all about. And I'm not sure I want to ask either.

My husband is VERY selective about his friends - he only wants people he knows will appreciate his "special" sense of humor & his causes. So he ignores requests from people who might get offended. It's not that he doesn't like them - it's that he's not sure they'll like HIM.

Terri Tiffany said...

Oh dear, I have probably hurt some people and didn't mean to. I only accept friends who I have gotten to know on blogs really well or are my reallife friends from back home. So I have turned some down cause I want to be able to share stupid things like how do I cook beans without looking like an idiot!!
Hey--you have me. Isn't that enough?

Patrice said...

I will have to say it hurts just a little...I was recently un-friended and can say I am slightly devastated! This social networking can hurt ones cyber feelings!!

Kim said...

Sorta like being on the playground in second grade, isn't it? LOL
I ignore people I don't know well (or at all! what's up with random friend requests from people you've never met?!) and I un-friend people that write offensive comments. But overall I'm a pretty "friendly" person and my growing friend list is evident of that.
Oh, I also un-friend people who never do anything except those (to me) silly fb games. I'm on facebook to stay current with what friends are up to, not to hear about their bedazzled scores or additions to their 'farm'.
I've had people ignore me and I try not to let it bother me. To be honest, with my increasing forgetfulness, I don't usually remember that I've sent a friend request until they respond so half the time I don't think I realize I've been cyber dissed. LOL

skoots1mom said...

have a few who have never accepted my friend requests...it's a dis...but what are you going to do about it?...their loss.
kim's probably turned my fb off since i've been playing so much frontiersville and farmville recently...hahaha! oh well...

a portland granny said...

I never accept friends any more as I think the whole facebook thing is crazy. Grown women growing imaginary crops on their imaginary farms--give me a break!

Don't feel bad--its only cyber-space!!

I think you are on my facebook. I like to look at the baby pictures! I almost never write anything on facebook, because I have so little patience with all of it!

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