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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 34

Sunday, August 15

I worked on my painting a bit! Sunday seems to be the only day I find I have the time to spend working on it! It has been so long since I picked up a paint brush, I am afraid I am my worst critic. I minute I think it is turning out ok then the next minute I am plagued with doubt and think it is hideous and want to paint over it and start again!  YIKES!


Monday, August 16

I had a visit for my Little Muffin Head.

After breakfast we packed up the stroller and went to the park for a bit!


You need to use your powers of imagination for this one. Picture the most beautiful sweetest white tail fawn standing amongst the foliage. We stood gazing at each other locked in silence as I quietly reached for my camera which got tangled up in the diaper bag and then…poof…she/he was gone. 

I was thoroughly excited that I had gotten as close as I did, Muffin Head on the other hand was unimpressed!


After the park Muffin Head enjoyed herself.

In the Dog Crate…out of the Dog Crate, in the Cardboard Box…out of the Cardboard Box over and over and over again!


Tuesday, August 17


Wednesday, August 18

Wednesday Night Suppers at church started back, which means so did my participation in Prayer Shawl Ministry. It was fun to see all my old knitting and crocheting buddies again.


Thursday, August 19

I had fun Thursday morning with a few minutes of silly fun over at lifetime.com. It was  Hoot! and no I don’t think I will begin going red any time soon!

But it was a fun way to spend a few minutes!


Friday, August 20

Skoots1mom and I made a trip to the Goodwill. I came home with two pairs of jeans, a small table for my makeshift art studio/corner and a copy of “The DaVinci Code” for $1.50. I have never read it so I am looking forward to getting into it!


Saturday, August 21

I was watching Ina make Maple Pecan Rice pudding the day before and I thought it looked really good!

Here is the recipe for the Rice Pudding, I however did not add the pecans, raisin or bourbon. I did not have any bourbon in the pantry and I wanted to try the pudding on it’s own without the raisins or pecan to see if I liked it enough to try the recipe again.

This was defiantly a keeper. I think I will be trying to alter the recipe to try and cut down on the fat a bit. I did alter the recipe slightly as I used whole milk and only two cups of half and half, not the specified 5 cups of half & half the recipe called for. In this cooks opinion the whole mike made for an equal substitute as it was just as creamy as I had hoped. I will just have to see if the recipe will hold up when the switch is made to 2% milk!


That’s it for me this week!

Y’all head over to Sara’s and link up for more 365.

Blessings and remember I will try to stop by tomorrow to take a look at your week in pictures!




sara said...

ok, muffin head is adorable!!

and that picture of her in the dog crate is so cute!! why do we buy all those expensive toys for kids when they are just as happy with the basics!!

skoots1mom said...

love your painting...great job!
muffin's cute...
i'd soooo love that rice pudding.

Kim said...

Muffin Head is a cutie! My daughter used to go in and out of our friend's dog crate too -- not sure what the fascination is, but there's obviously something that kids love about it :)

Rice pudding -- YUM! I'm going to have to make some this week now.

All those lovely prayer shawls! Every time I see a photo of them I wish I had more patience to crochet or knit.

The Bug said...

That rice pudding looks really yummy! I want to hear what you think about it with 2% milk.

I really enjoyed the DaVinci Code - very fast paced. Believing the story? Not so much - but the whole thing was a lot of fun to follow I thought.

Tori said...

What better way to spend time then with Muffin Head?!
What a funny red head picture! Did you find anything you liked?
You are such an amazing bargain shopper. You always seem to come home with great treasures.
Rice pudding sounds good, but I would definitely want the pecans! Oooh yummy!
Have a super week!!

rita said...

It was fun to have a peek into your week.
Your woods reminded me of ours.
And the elusive fawn brought back the one I saw this morning on the way to my first class, it kept trying to run into the corn field but kept darting out and trying another path. Really slowed down traffic, everyone waiting for it to make up its mind.
How old is Muffin Head? Adorable!
Why they love climbing into dog crates and boxes--cozy!
Keep up the creative pursuits--painting, crocheting...
Thanks for stopping by!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Awww...Muffin Head. Love the park pictures the best, even if the the little deery didn't stay put for the shot! LOL!

I think you are a gifted painter. I would have no clue.

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