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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Random Dozen


1. What is your favorite fair/carnival food?

Wow! I can’t remember the last time I went to a carnival or a fair! If I have to pick I would say that nothing beats a fresh hot soft pretzel. However When the hubs and I were in San Francisco we did have some really amazing fresh from the fryer donut holes sprinkled with sugar and a nice hot cup of hot cocoa to go with them, they were really good!

2. Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?

Don’t we all! and no I’m not telling what it is!

3. What is your favorite gift to receive?

Anything that makes my life easier! The hubs always complains when I ask for things like a cheese grater for Christmas, but if I don't have one and  I need one then giving me one will really make me happy!

4. When was the last time you tried something new?

Strictly gastronomically speaking I have been on a mission to broaden my dinner time offerings. I have over the last few months ventured out in many different areas. Ox Tail Stew, Fried Plantains, Tomatillos, Fish which I am not a huge fan of anyway, but the hubs really likes it so I am learning how to cook it basically whatever pop’s out at me when I am wandering around at the H Mart!

5. What is your favorite and least favorite book genre?

Memoir, Mystery, Political Intrigue, Romance, Humor, Historical Fiction, Historical nonfiction, Chick Lit, Self-Help, Other

I give Historical Non-Fiction a big yawn, Self Help…no thanks, Memoir’s, well unless its about someone that I am really interested in then I’ll take a pass.

I love historical fiction, Romance, a good mystery or political intrigue. I will say that it has to be more on the suspense/thriller side and less on the long detailed strategic military battlefield descriptive side thought. Can you say skim…

6.Silver or Gold?

YES! Large quantities in the vault please! Aside from that I am SO not a jewelry person. Most days I forget to put in earrings!

7. What makes you sigh?

Good sigh…butterflies, hummingbirds, any flower in bloom, blue skies and white clouds, my morning coffee, the smile on my granddaughters face…

Bad sigh…forgetting to pay the power bill, forgetting to balance the check book, burning anything I put in the oven, making chicken and hockey pucks, dropping grandmas sugar bowl, remembering that I forgot something!

8. If you didn't know how old you are, how old would you claim you are?

In all honesty I thought I would be bothered by the overall progression of the aging process, but I have been pleasantly surprised. Don’t get me wrong there are numerous things about getting older that I could do with out, but trying to fight the process, well it just isn't in my nature. No fudging the old age for me! You wanna know how old I am, well your going to get the honest truth from me, gray hairs and all! I’ve earned them and they were hard won so I am not going to try to hide them nor am I going to discount the experiences that brought the wrinkles, sags and other lovelies about the process as well.

It is what it is.

9. Would you break a law to save a loved one? To protect a loved one?

Would I run a red light to get to the emergency room? Maybe if it wouldn't further endanger anyone else's life! Would I rob a bank to pay for something critical, probably not! Would I harm someone who was threatening someone I love, well that’s a very hard one. In all honesty I have no clue what I would do in that situation. Thankfully I have not been in any situations where such choices had to be made!

Thank You Jesus!

10. If you had to teach something, what would it be?

Hand’s down it would be cooking!

11. You're having lunch with 3 people whom you respect and admire. They begin to criticize a close friend of yours, not knowing she is your friend. What do you do?

I have actually been in a very similar situation. I very firmly but gently expressed that there are many things about situations involving other people that we as outsiders know nothing about. He who is with out sin please feel free to pick up the first stone…

12. Which of the 5 Love Languages is your prominent means of experiencing love?

Well I knew before taking the small survey that one of mine was Words of Affirmation but I was sort of surprised by Act of Service, but then not really. You wanna do something nice for me then unload the dishwasher or sort the laundry, and I have to brag and say that the hubs does many things that very much lighten my load. Most times it is out of his nearly compulsive need for neatness, but in the end the dishes get unloaded and the laundry get sorted and I just say thank you!


Well I am tossing my hat back in the ring with all the other Random Dozenettes! Wednesdays are very busy days for me now that I am facilitation Disciple so I will stop by and experience all your randomness on Thursday morning!


Y’all head over to Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee and join in on the randomness!

See y’all tomorrow!




Joyce said...

It was fun to read your answers...we do a lot of fish on the grill and I like to wrap it in foil to make it easy. I had a recipe on my blog a while back that I'll look for and send your way.

Have a great day!

Thena said...

I make fried donuts using biscuits at times. Family loves them. Sprinkle with either powdered sugar, or cinnamon/sugar.

The Bug said...

Well I'll just mosey on over to your place & be your cooking guinea pig. The hubs has pretty much given up on me being able to cook very well. He'll EAT it but he doesn't say very much LOL. I do a mean takeout though!

Jerralea said...

I agree that getting anything that makes my life easier is a great gift!

2Thinks said...

#4.- Now that is what I call Adventuresome!

I am just smiling away at your "y'all head on over to Lidna's..." 'cause I learned to say it from you- as I mentioned in my post today...and when folks hop on over here, they'll know I weren't lyin' *wink*

SusanD said...

Love your answer for a gift. I'd take that anytime! lol. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

Just Breathe said...

I like Romance! I too will ask for things that make life easier. I do white gold. Hope your having a wonderful week.

Kim said...

I once made biscuits for a church breakfast that were inedible. Friends suggested many other uses: skeets, pet biscuits, door stoppers... hockey pucks would have been another good option :)

You can teach me how to fix some of your favorite recipes when we meet -- hopefully next year when we're in the U.S.! :)

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