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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 20

Y’all for this week I have to give myself a big fat “F” in the picture taking category. I only took pictures four out of the seven days. I have no explanation, the dog did not eat my memory card, I was not abducted by aliens, it just didn’t happen.

So such as it is I move on…

Sunday, May 09

One of my dearest friends was out of town on vacation last week. When these occasions arise my DD is hired to water the plants and feed the cat. We headed out there on Sunday afternoon to give the animal and the plants a nice drink. While the DD tended to the animal and the plants I had to snap off a few pictures.

I think if I could pick any setting to live in it would be this friends home. It is a small log cabin set back off the road. When the trees are fully leafed out you can not even see the house from the road. It is one of the most picturesque, serene and peaceful settings I have ever seen. She has by far one of the greatest front porches on the planet. There is a wonderful swing and two comfy rocking chairs and the porch is overflowing with lush blooming potted plants, hanging ferns, trickling water fountain and tinkling wind chimes. All you have to do is settle down in that porch swing and let the peace overtake you. The back yard is just as wonderful with it’s small gurgling fountain and multiple bird feeders that attract a constant stream of tiny feathered friends.

It was a small feast for the eyes and a briefs moment of peace.

A visual gift on Mother's Day!

 IMG_1788 IMG_1794 

After we watered the plants I pointed the car in the direction of the co-op garden. The corn was poking out about two inches and I think the other picture is squash. It won’t be long until out first harvest. It’s the waiting that's so difficult but as all gardeners know patience is a virtue that yield baskets full of wonderful produce!

IMG_1802 IMG_1805 

At the end of our trip on Sunday I pulled in the driveway at home I am greeted by more sunny blooming faces. The iris in the front bed of my yard were just beautiful this year. They have really gotten established.

IMG_1815 IMG_1818

Monday, May 10

No picture…

Tuesday, May 11

My corn is a bit head of the corn at the co –op garden as I got it in the ground a few week before. It was hard to thin it out but I pulled every other plant out to give my corn a bit of breathing room. I am being obedient to the instruction on the back of the package of seeds. It said to thin it out so that’s what I did! I’m still learning!

IMG_1820 IMG_1819

Wednesday, May 12

My last Prayer Shawl meeting, for a few weeks anyway, the youth bible study is officially on break for the summer. They will start back in the fall and so I will be back with my knitting needles in tow. I have a project in the works which will probably take me all of the summer break to get completed so my hands will not be idle over the summer.

God is always faithful to provide. Look at the stack that was turned in. In addition to the ones we actually make ourselves, we have several ladies that scour the local Goodwill’s. You would be amazed at the treasures that are tuned in each week. We are all astounded at the pieces that they find. Every one look like it is brand new and never been used. It just amazes me at what folks will give away.

We have come to stand upon the promise that God is using individuals even through the act of an anonymous donation. They may not want a treasured work of handmade craftsmanship but we have scooped them up, prayed over them and then they in turn go forth to bless those who are suffering.

I call that a double blessing!!!


Thursday, May 13

No pictures….

Friday, May 14

I thought for sure it was dead. All the other crepe myrtles in my back yard had fully leafed out. This poor little transplant stood dormant. I was nearly at the point of digging it out off the ground. This picture was taken on April 29. Not a trace of life anywhere to be seen.


On Friday low and behold I was giving all my new plantings a morning visit and I see these tiny little green leaves all over the branches.

Patients pays in the end. I am so glad that I did not dig it out!


Saturday, May 15

I attended the wedding of my one of my oldest friends oldest daughter. Try and say  that three times fast…

I had good intentions of taking a few candid shots at the reception. I even had my camera at hand but somehow the mood never over took me.

There were multiple people there all with their cameras out snapping away.

I was secondly motivated but the concept of just enjoying myself. Just over a year ago I was in attendance for my friends youngest daughters wedding and I was in charge of the food. It was a lovely change to simply sit back and enjoy the celebration and not have to worry about refilling the veggie trays or making sure the chicken finger were holding out!

The wedding was beautiful, the bride made a stunning entrance down a long staircase and then met her father at the bottom of the stairs. Be still my heart,  it was just beautiful! They proceeded up the isle together arm in arm. It was breathtaking to watch her face as she came down the stairs.

Y’all I remember when this child was born and holding her tiny little self in my arms.

Where does the time go?


Well that’s it for me and my Project 365, such as it is. I hope to do better next week.

If y’all want to see some more folks who hopefully did take a picture ever day head over to Sara’s for more!




Rita said...

Wow! Great pictures! And what fun to be in a co-op!
I also just love the name of your blog!

Tori said...

Well you may not have gotten a picture everyday, but those you have are great!
Your description of your friend's home had me there with my suitcase!!
All of your growth is looking great (flowers, corn and new signs of life!)
I know those shawls are such a blessing to those they touch.
Have a super week!!

Kim said...

Oh my, loved all the plant photos! Your garden is gorgeous, and I'm seriously jealous of your sweet corn! If we had room in our yard, I'd totally have someone send me seeds! Sweet corn is not something that's grown here. How sad is that?!

An impressive pile of knitted and crocheted work.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Your tree reminds me of that old adage, "Never cut down a tree in winter." I'll always think of your crepe myrtle now when I hear that saying! How wonderful. :) And your garden looks fanTAStic!

rita said...

You ended up with more than enough beautiful photos and along with the narrative allowed us to enjoy your week--the peaceful retreat, the growing garden, the luscious irises and other blooms, the second-hand treasures...
My favorite, for photography and message--the 'patience pays off' photo!

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