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Friday, May 14, 2010

Flashback Friday

How old were you when you got your first (paying) job?

I had a lot of babysitting clients through out my high school years. It was good money and kept me in mascara and blue eye shadow.

Did you work during the school year?

In addition to baby sitting I worked for a while at several different food establishment. It’s all sort of fuzzy as we moved around quite a bit in my childhood years. I worked at a Waffle House, a Wendy’s and I worked at a steak house as a hostess, one summer I worked at Stone Mountain Park, that was lots of fun! The most fun was working the concession stand down at the beach area. I dated a cute lifeguard named…wow I can’t believe I can’t remember his name, Bruce…maybe that was it???  He was going to dental school. Sadly the relationship did not last and I rapidly found out that there were many things about this relationship that were not compatible, but I digress.

What stipulations, if any, did your parents put on spending, saving, etc.?

Who can remember that far back. I don’t think there were any restriction. Any money I made was money my mom did not have to spend. So saving was not stressed. In hindsight I wish it had been more of a focus.

What types of jobs did you have before you were, oh, 21 or 22?

Mostly food service but then by the time I was in my early twenties I transitioned into my real job as a graphic artist.

Did you go to college or a technical/trade school?

I went to a one commercial art course at the local community collage. I graduated that course and then got a job at a local newspaper in the past-up department. That was truly back in the dark ages when I chiseled out the text on stone tablets. We actually had to place all the text and graphic by hand on the mock ups with warm wax. It got all over your cloths and was a bugger to get out!

If so, did you work while you were pursuing your post-high school education?

??? I did work during my time at the community collage, and if memory serves that was my time working at Stone Mountain Park.

What were your favorite -- and least favorite, if you wish to share! -- jobs?

I my least favorite job was probably working at the Waffle House but it is safe to say that Wendy’s was equally dissatisfying. The only job I was ever fired from was the job at Wendy's. However if you feel inclined to follow the link for a post about my time behind the counter at The Waffle House.

What did you learn from those early jobs?

I learned that food service is a exhausting job and that working on your feet all day is no fun! I also learned that money never goes as far as you think it will. I remember even back then having to make life or death teenage decision, buy the blouse…put gas in the car, go to the movies or get the lip gloss, cute earrings or art supplies …life is about decisions.

That much I learned and even now I still at times struggle with the want too's and the have too's of life.

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Mocha with Linda said...

I enjoyed your memories, as always! I have a lot of r
respect for folks who work in the food industry!

sara said...

your last paragraph was great and oh so true!!!

skoots1mom said...

praying neither of us ever has to go back to any of our first-type jobs

Quilly said...

I didn't learn to save money until I got a handle on the difference between "want tos" and "have tos". One thing that helped was turning off the TV. no more commercials to tell me what I was supposed to want and one can't miss what she doesn't even know exists!

rita said...

Many jobs, many lessons, many years aqo...all interesting to look back on.

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