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Friday, May 28, 2010

90 Minutes of PURE BLISS and Sometime You Have To Wonder What God Was Thinking?

Seriously what up with feet. I have to wonder what God was thinking when he designed the human foot. They just look weird, or at least mine do. My toes look like little stubby wrinkled protrusions jutting off my feet. 

All parts serve a valuable purpose, however for as odd looking as they are at times these pink wrinkled protrusions were the recipient of 90 minutes of pure bliss!

Are you happy with your feet?

I was sure happy for my feet and the whole rest of my body for that fact.





Y’all I had a huge treat the other day!

Skoots1mom took me to have a pedicure!

We had both been working out hinnies off getting ready for her DD Graduation Open House, which was a HUGE success BTW!

So she rewarded us both with a few minutes of pure heaven.


We stopped a got a large cup of coffee and then headed over to the nail salon. We walked in and God was good to us and we had the whole place to ourselves.

I am thinking of having one of these installed in my spare room.

See full size image

For 90 minutes we got to sit in these amazing chairs that massages up and down and every which way. It was such a treat! If the chair was not wonderful enough while we experienced this awesomeness, Tina our wonderful pedicurist, clipped, trimmed, filed, sloughed, scrubbed, massaged, polished and treated out toes to an amazing experience as well.


Mine are bottom left, skoots are top right!


On the way home I figured I would top the experience off with an extra treat.


All in all is was a great morning!

Thanks Skoots for the AWESOME TREAT!




Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Oh, I'm so jealous. My feet are in DIRE need. Seriously.

I have wondered about that too: What was God thinking? Because really, past about 5 years old, there is nothing at all cute, pretty, or otherwise attractive about feet. Agreed.

Glad you and Skoots Momma had a good time! The toes look GREAT!

skoots1mom said...

hahaha, my feet look like balloons!
It was a fantabulous day!!

Kim said...

Pretty and pampered :-) Gotta love those treats!

Love the IDEA of a pedicure but cannot STAND to have anyone touch my feet. lol So no pedicures in my future. Manicures now... :-)

My daughter loves pedicures and while we lived in Uganda she would save up and periodically go to the Sheraton Hotel salon in Kampala where they do them. Since we lived in the bush (i.e., dirt roads everywhere) and she pretty much lived in flip flops, her feet were always a mess. Except for 10-15 minutes after those pedicures, that is. LOL

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