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Monday, May 24, 2010

I think I’m LOST??? I’m not sure what I was expecting….and my Weekend Review

As weekends go this one was very busy.

Friday was party prep at skoots1mom’s house.

Saturday was party day and my anniversary, such that it was with the hubs out of town! He is returning home on Thursday of this week (hopefully) and you can bet that there is a date night planned in the very near future to celebrate together!

Sunday morning I took the stares. Now this may not sound like a big deal to y’all, and in reality just taking the stairs once is not really that big of a deal but it’s a start. A new re-beginning to adding more activity into my day! 

Sunday the DD was commissioned at church for her upcoming mission trip to Mexico! Momma is, as always, fighting the Nervous Nellie’s I get before putting my baby on a plane to a different country. God is good and I know He will be with all the members of the team!

Sunday the DD had her end of the years party with her girls group! They had a cook out and played games and generally had a great time!


This bring me to the last major event of the weekend.

The Final episode of Lost. “The Television Event of the Decade!”

Are you one?

One of the millions of the Lost-a-holic’s?

Well after six seasons of wondering each week what would happen next and pondering all the unusualness of the show I find that I am still a bit confused as to exactly what it was all about. There were many conclusions that made me extremely happy. The opportunity to be reunited with members of the show that had passed on was very satisfying. Isn’t strange how we can form attachments to characters on a television show.

I can’t say that I am disappointed by the conclusion but I can definitely say that it was not what I was expecting, but then with this show one never knows quite what to expect. Maybe the intent was to keep us in that place of wondering?

So for all of y’all who were all glued to the television last night's…What did y’all thing of the conclusion?

I have a confession to make. I made a preemptive call to my husband to insure that the final episode would not get interrupted by his phone call! My bad?

Well for as busy as the weekend was the first few day of this week will be even busier. With the hubs out of town I have been giving myself a bit of a vacation from the daily chore list.

My list of “To-Do’s” is very long but I know once it get it all done I will feel better and I know that I will be super glad when the hubs walks through the door and all thing are in order!

Y’all have a great week!




Rebecca Jo said...

I'm still confused about LOST in the whole... dont get why people could "die" in this sideways world if it was just a 'holding' place to cross over? I'm enjoying going around & seeing everyone's thoughts on it though.. .interesting

Stacy said...

Good luck to your daughter!

I never got "into" Lost. Not sure why though LOL ;)


Kim said...

I know it's hard to let our "babies" go far, far away, but those trips are always life changing in a GREAT way! We took our daughter to Africa to live for a year when she was 14 and she was trying to figure a way OUT of it right up until we flew out of Chicago. LOL But it turned out to be one of the best years of her life! She went back to Uganda on her own (traveling with another single girl) when she was 19, that time just for a month. I had such peace that she was doing exactly what God wanted her to do that I didn't even worry nearly as much as I thought I would. I think I worried more beforehand :-) But while she was actually gone, I was fine. Hope it's the same for you.

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