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Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Year In Review

Well another 365 days have passed us by.

Before I dive head first into 2010 I wanted to take a moment to revisit 2009.

So here goes…2009 consisted of 193 posts, my 5000th visitor and nearly two years of blogging under my belt.

I went back and took a look at all my previous post and I have compiled a list, y’all will get to that in a minute, of some of my favorite posts over this past year. It really is a fairly accurate description of my year over all.

So many things have happened to me over this past year.

I became a grandma, that one was kinda huge for me.

My DD experienced major surgery, I in turn experienced a new sense of complete helplessness as I sat by her bedside and then a new awareness of just how exhausting it is to care for someone in their recovery.

We gained a new family member of the canine variety. the joys and turmoil our sweet Buster has brought to our life has been a new experience for us all. I still have moments even now after all this time when I think “WOW! There is a dog in my house!” But he is such a sweetie and we have our wonderful time in the mornings cuddled up on the sofa together.

We have done a lot of exploring. We went to San Francisco, Nappy Valley, Savannah and North Carolina. Y’all we had some really good times traveling. God is good in His rich blessings in allowing us these opportunities.

My garden brought me such great joy this year!

My accountability sisters and me have coined a new term. We now fondly refer to any moment when we experience a hormonally motivate break from reality as having “A Lettuce Moment”

I hit my BIG 50, got rid of the long hair and then started washing that gray outta my hair! 

If you are a regular visitor then you will know that you are just as likely to get a taste of how amazing God is when you stop by for a visit or some days I may just be talking about socks. Just for kicks I did a search of my blog and I did a total of no less that 8 posts that mention the word socks in some form or fashion. I will attempt to refrain from obsessing over my socks in the year 2010.

We lost loved ones this past year. In 2010 we will begin the year of first’s as we miss my father in law.

This year has also been an interesting exercise in exercise. Skoots1mom and I did a lot of walking, sweating and working out last year and 2010 I am sure will be no different.

I had a lot of success in the kitchen as well as my fair share of failures and in keeping with the truth in advertising premise, when it’s good y’all are going to hear all about it and when it’s bad well I am going to lay that on the table as well.

So with out further ado here is my rear in review, oh my I just made a rhyme….


Our Biltmore Winter Wonderland Adventure

Buster 101


A Sourdough Adventure


Lizard E.S.P.

San Francisco


The joys of being a Grandma


A Bountiful Harvest


My Favorite Time of Year: Campmeeting


I planted a vegetable garden


Major Surgery


We go to Savannah


I become a Grandma


A Lettuce Moment


A Crushing Defeat

So that’s my year in review!

I begin 2010 with expectation.

But mostly I want to thank all of y’all!

Blogging has been such an unexpected blessing in my life. I can not believe it has only been two years. I look forward to sharing 2010 and all it has to offer with all of you.

Blessings for a New Year!



Patrice said...

2009 was a busy year! Thanks for being there and blogging! Through reading your blog, I have found such an amazing friend...thanks for being there for me and the words of encouragement that you give!! Here's to 2010 and many more blog posts, sock sightings and everything else in between!! {{{HUGS}}}

skoots1mom said...

great post...
you crack me up...
your having said "here's my rear in review"...ha ha ha ha ....I was expecting a picture...
then you listed your favorite posts...just had to poke back...

we TOTALLY enjoyed today @ your house...thanks for hosting :)

Kim said...

It was a jam-packed year! I've had so much fun following your adventures (and misadventures) and look forward to continuing :-)

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