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Friday, January 29, 2010

Anticipation VS Immediate Gratification

The focus of the last Random Dozen was about our approach to anticipation. I am  sure there is some literary term describing the experience of writing about something and then finding yourself experiencing what you have just written about but I don’t know what it is or if there is even such a thing.

I did think it out of the ordinary that on Wednesday we all spent time reflecting about anticipation and this was also the day that one of my more time consuming prayer shawl project was completed and then turned in.

When I began to think about it I realized that sometimes my approach to anticipation greatly depends on what I am anticipating, or how long I actually have to anticipate the end result and how gratifying the actual anticipating is.

Did that make any sense????

Back in September, the 16th to be exact I finished one prayer shawl and then I began working on a new one. This is not unusual but what I have learned over the various projects I have completed is the time it takes me to finish each project greatly effects my level of enthusiasm in which I approach working on it.

It is sort of a love hate relationships.

From September 16, 2009 until January 23, 2010 equals roughly 20 weeks. You toss in Thanksgiving, Christmas and a break of a several weeks for me to knit one lap throw and 4 scarves which I gave a Christmas gifts, so if I had to guestimate I would say all total I probably worked on this for 10 to 12 weeks, maybe??


And finally it was finished. I took my long and toiled over prayer shawl and turned it in at the next meeting. I always have a sense of relief mixed in with gratification when I finally finish a project that has taken longer than I expected. Realistically it probably should have only taken me a few weeks to complete but if I am honest I dilly-dallied and bemoaned working on it because at the end of the night when I tossed in the crocheting towel and put my project back in the basket it seemed to be progressing in only 1 inch increments.

I joyfully turned in my completed shawl and with a sigh of relief picked up 5 skeins of a wonderful mossy green homespun yarn. If you have never worked with homespun you either love it our you hate it, and I love it. Some of the folks in prayer shawl don’t like working with it as it does tend to be a but fussy to work with. However, the soft texture is just beyond description. Needless to say I just love working with homespun, LOVE IT!

Here is why! I came home from church with a batch of yarn and began working on a new project.

I began on January 25 and at the end of an evening watching a few episodes of whatever was on television I had 13 inches completed.



The next day it grew to 38 inches!

IMG_0302 IMG_0301

And then only three days later, January 28th, it’s finished!

 IMG_0349  IMG_0352 IMG_0358 

So there ya have it. 

I am not sure what my point is in all of this. Maybe I just wanted to show of my latest project, but I have to share that maybe my enthusiasm for working on something may be directly related to my perceived notion of how long it will take me to finish it.

No rocket science here, just the honest truth. Maybe I should revisit some of my anticipation answers from Wednesday.

I have enough homespun for two more project and in fact I have already started another shawl.


I think there is a point here, or maybe I’m just having a hormonal moment and think I am making sense when in reality I’ve just spent the last few moments blogging about yarn.

How can that be????




skoots1mom said...

you do such pretty work...love em all! well done :)

2Thinks said...

"Anticipa-a-tion, it's making me wait."

What is that tune that is now in my head?

The prayer shawls are just gorgeous! Thanks for the comment yesterday, too. It's good to be back.

Nel said...

Those are beautiful. Isn't it funny how the yarn can make such a difference. I crochet also, and sometimes it just seems it takes forever to finish something. I will have to look into the homespun yarn, I don't think I have ever tried it.

until next time...nel

Kim said...

Either you were making perfect sense or we are hormonally in the same place :-) I totally understood what you had to say! And add a hearty AMEN!

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