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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Does this happen to you???

It never fails. When the new year rolls around I find myself taking an inventory of all the things that I wanted to do last year that for some reason or another never got done. It is like the new year sparks something in me that motivates me, for a little while anyway to try to get a few things done.

Well since I have learned to crochet and knit the number of winter scarves in the coat closet have began to multiply. However it was making for a rather difficult situation as you simply could not get anything out of the coat closet without having a massive scarf avalanche. tumble out on to the floor.


I tried this solution but as you will see it only exacerbated the problem as you had to go to the garage and retrieve the step ladder to get up to the very top of the shelf to get a scarf or a pair of gloves out. Hence the large pile of winter wear tossed out on the floor while you were rooting around for the exact scarf or hat you were looking for.

Not a good idea.


We move on to plan B. I spent the better part of an hour searching out the various isles in the houseware’s department at the Wal-Mart when I finally decided upon this hanging shoe rack. It was worth a shot!


It worked like a charm. All the scarves had a home but sadly I have to share that the closet was still in a bit of disarray.

A second trip to my ever faithful Wal-Mart was in order. I returned home with this little handy dandy over the door shoe organizer and and a matching storage container for the top shelf and now I am in scarf/glove/hat heaven.

IMG_0226 IMG_0225

They all have a place and I am so very happy.

I am such a simple kinda girl.

All total this fix was just under $30.00. Yea for me!!!!!!

This small surge of organizational brilliance motivated me to take one step further.

In week 3 of my project 365 I gave you all a glimpse into the shameful state of my work area. This is where I pay all my bills and keep track of all the day to day activities. Sadly for the past several years, really since we have moved into this new house about 4 years ago I have not seemed to be able to get a handle on this mess.


Well the day I went shopping for my new 2010 refrigerator calendar I was strolling around the Office Depot and they had a stack of wooden filling cabinet on clearance.


Well I snapped one of the babies up and brought it home. I was so happy with myself.

Now I have to back track a bit and say I was happy with myself until my husband opened the box. Y’all I love the hubs and all but sometimes his attention to detail can be a bit over the top.

Well with his critical eye he made the comment that the wood finish on the cabinet that I had purchased, THE ONE ON CLEARENACE MIND YOU, was a bit off from the finish of the hard wood floor and the two other pieces in the room. Now I am far from a decorating diva and I was prepared to be completely satisfied with my triumphant bargain purchase.

But noooooooo!

Back to the story it went.

Let me restate that.

Back to the story he went.

He not only returned with a cabinet that better matched the floor and the other existing furniture he also spent about $25.00 more dollars.

Y’all I just kept my mouth shut and said thank you honey. 

Because here is the deal. I could here his mind churning away. He opened the box and looked in and saw all the pieces and thought to himself “Self….If I have to spend at least two house of my time putting this thing together then I want to be happy with then end result when I am finished!”

Now those words did not come out of his mouth but I could here them all the same. I just smiled and helped him tape up the box and waited patiently while he went back the Office Depot.


It really looked worse that it actually was. We had the cabinet together in short order, or should I say he had the cabinet together I just handed him the pieces and held things while he assembled. I will also note that the included wood glue was not to his likening so a more suitable wood glue was retrieved from the garage as well as several included crews which were deemed “pieces of crap!” were replaced with “proper screws”

I mean if you are going to put something together then it needs to stay together.

Well here is the completed file cabinet!!!!!


A wonderful improvement over my bright lime green plastic file box!


So one last glimpse of the before!!!!


To the after…

Look how nice and neat and clean this is!!!!



And ya know what… having a slightly obsessive husband does have it’s advantages. The filling cabinet really does match the computer desk and chest of drawers much better than the clearance one I brought home.





Kim said...

My hubby is the same way! Bless his heart :-) I'm so thankful he's handy at making and fixing things!

Jackie said...

Hey Robin! I stumbled across your site and so glad I did!!

My husband is slightly OCD too so I can totally relate! Love how organized you are.....Wow..I bought my file cabinets from Staples and put them together, but still trying to get all my folders in order. I bought girly girl folders with matching labels. Can't wait to get them finished and feel like my desk and bloggy life is in proper order!!!! You've inspired me!!

Hope you'll stop by my place for a visit sometime!

Sweet Blessings!

Sassy Granny ... said...

Wow. You're my kinda girl! I love organizing, organization, and simple. What creative storage solutions.

I'm going to have to get to Walmart to buy a few of these items. Thanks for the ideas.


skoots1mom said...

it looks awesome...i know you're so excited!

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