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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Opinion’s Please

I came home from our Wednesday Night Supper last night and my husband was sitting in his recliner multi-tasking. Surfing the web with his laptop and watching Man VS Wild on Discovery.

Now I am not a huge fan of reality television, but my husband is a discovery/history channel junkie. He loves all those documentaries on these channels. I wouldn't necessarily call Man VS Wild a documentary, it really is in my opinion a reality show.

In last nights show Bear Grylls is stranded on a deserted island and he is attempting to survive and make it off the island alive. If your not familiar with the show he places himself in survival situations and due to his training in the military he has a wealth of knowledge that he uses to stay alive.

Well last night as I sat multitasking with my laptop as well, you all are far more entertaining then the ordinary nightly television fair but I was from time to time glancing up at the television.

So here is my question, where do you draw the line? What do you feel is appropriate for television?

Now I know in the age of Jerry Springer and Girls Gone Wild there is very little that is off limits. I also fully support the concept of just turning it off! Most days I don't even turn on the television until the hubs comes home and we watch the nightly news. Other than that I’d rather watch a good movie or Food Network. But I am wondering what y'all think.

Do you really want to see someone hacking out an eyeball of a still flopping around live fish and then popping it in his mouth and crunching down on it, and all in high definition?????

I can not even bring myself to describe what he did next as it was just too revolting. If you were tuned in to last night show you will know what I mean. For the truly brave and strong stomached you can do a Google search just type in theses words enema bear Grylls life raft but(seriously a real play on words) here I would not recommend it!

Seriously! How many of us will find ourselves stranded on a makeshift life raft in the middle of the ocean…

So where do you draw the line for what you feel is appropriate for television and when do you just turn it off??




arlee bird said...

I can't say too much about what's on television. My wife and I have satellite with I don't know how many hundreds of channels and I rarely watch TV and she only watches a few new stations and Spanish TV. I've seen brief glipmses of that survival show and it seems pretty good being entertaining and somewhat informative.
I guess the most annoying thing I see i surfing thru the channels is all of the sales, auction, and promotional channels.
It's hard to say what the limitations should be without stepping on someone's toes. What one person finds offensive may be of interest to another.
For me, the best thing to do is not turn on the TV unless I have something very specific to watch and make watching an event rather than a habit or way of life.

arlee bird said...

editing correction:
.... my wife only watches a few news stations (not new stations)

arlee bird said...

By the way, I just became your 50th
follower (if you are keeping track of things like that like I do). I like that you have been posting pretty consistently over the past couple years and the content of the posts that I looked at seems pretty interesting.

Thena said...

I am fairly selective I guess. I try to watch age appropriate because of having a nine year old in the house. I refuse to rent certain movies. The language is terrible in most and I refuse to spend my money on renting a movie that takes God's name in vain. If I'm watching something on tv and they do it I change the channel immediately regardless how interesting the program may be. The other thing is sexual content won't watch it either.

Patrice said...

My boys watch this show, I think more out of shock factor for their mom, than anything else. It is just plain gross and I always say, I highly doubt I will be stranded in the middle of an island where I would need to eat something gross. If I was, I would rather just die!!

I think TV has gone way to far with sexual content and it is sad when you go to watch something with the family that you think will be innocent, then they throw something in there that is so inappropriate that I cringe. Sad!

lailani said...

garrrrossssss! He irritates me with all his strange, most likely not going to happen scenarios. The TV is on alot but not necessarily watched.

Sassy Granny ... said...

I have absolutely no interest in the Alpha-male stuff, personally; but I do enjoy "Say Yes to the Dress".

The whole reality-TV thing has gotten totally out-of-control, in my opinion, especially when we're invited in to view the most intimate or odd items in families, or amongst stars, or even in nature.

Come to think of it, living out my own reality is way cooler!


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