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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 365 – Week 4

WOW! Three weeks in a row for me so far!!!!!

Wooo to the  Whoo for me.

Y’all go over to Make Music From Your Heart to the Lord for this weeks edition of Project 365.

Sunday, January 17

God never ceases to amaze me in how awesome He is in all He creates. Starting the week off in worship is just the thing needed to set the tone for the whole week. Nearly every every Sunday I look at the alter flowers and wish I had my camera to capture just how beautiful they really are.

Well wish no more…


After worship, I’m sure you experience this as well, the lingering, the gathering of friends and the conversation. For as much as you want to head to lunch or you hear the gently whisper of the sofa calling your name for your afternoon nap you, you remain and have fellowship and conversation.

Well skoots1mom and I were doing just that and I look over and see this….


It’s a sweet potato y’all and why it was strategically place on the door jam to the family center will forever be a mystery. But since this is Project 365 and I did have my camera well I thought it was worthy of capturing for posterity.

Monday, January 18

At some point, almost everyday I look forward to one of these. I love my cappuccino maker and some days just require extra foam….


Tuesday, January 19

An unexpected ray of sunshine came for a visit.


Wednesday, January 20

After my morning bible study I had some errands to run and some shopping to do. The skies were gloomy and gray with the expectation of a chilly rain shower approached.


Thursday, January 21

Pots and pans and pans and pots and soap and scrubbies and…well you get the picture. Some of my pots just don't fit in the dishwasher.


Friday, January 22

My sweet Grandma went home to be with Jesus in June of 2003. My Sunday school class sent this Peace Lily to the funeral and I have, in what can only be described as a true miracle, been able to keep it alive for all these years.

I love my garden outside, but maintaining the same level of success with my indoor plants is something entirely different. Every now and again for some unknown reason to me anyway my Peace Lily will develop these yellow leaves.

IMG_0115 IMG_0113 Well Friday afternoon I took the plant to the sink and with my kitchen scissors in hand removed all the offending yellow leaves.



Any advice from knowledgeable indoor plant lovers would be welcome. It doesn't happen often and the plant seems to recover after a while but I would greatly love to know why this happens??????

I’m sure it’s an operator error??

Not enough water, too much water, too hot, too cold, maybe it’s just angry with me for all the attention I give to my Christmas Cactus????



It looks a bit better after removing all the yucky yellow leaves.

Saturday, January 23

Two things of significance happen today!

I’ve lost count on just how many of these I have completed but after many many weeks I have finally finished this prayer shawl. IMG_0250

This close up kind of gives you an idea of the texture of this project. It has these wonderful little ridges of projections that give it a wonderfully textured feel to it. You just run your hands over it and it gives the palms of you hands a mini massage as they pass over the little bumps. I am sure there is some technical crochet term for the bumps but I fondly refer to them as “buggers”.



The second picture worthy thing that happen was this little guy.


I have to back track a bit for this one. It was back prior to Thanksgiving maybe even further back, I was in the process of doing some baking. I had my trusty brown sugar container out to refill and I went in search of my sweet little terra cotta brown sugar bear, it keeps your brown sugar from getting hard and clumpy. I had been out of brown sugar and I had taken the little bear out of the container and put it in my kitchen drawer so I could wash my brown sugar container. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well I searched high and low in my kitchen. My little bear was no where to be found. I had a faint memory of putting the bear in one of my kitchen drawers but after a thorough inspection it was no where to be found.

Now at this point in my life with the hormonal surges that just sort happen the fact that I could not find that silly little bear sent me over the edge.

I was like a mad “rainman” woman as I scoured my kitchen looking for this tiny little terra cotta bear.

“Uh OOO, 17 minute to Wopner”

I emptied each and every kitchen drawer completely emptied everything out of them and shook out the crumbs and dust into the sink kind of empty them out I had, because I knew that I had put the bear somewhere in my kitchen.

I think I may have even been transported to an alternate universe because after I did it once I slipped into what can only be describes as a hormonal break from reality and I did it again.

The bear was not in my kitchen.

The only plausible explanation was that Aliens' had landed in the night and abducted my brown sugar bear and were conducting some serous scientific research.

Phase one was complete as the aliens took note of my complete mental breakdown as I scoured my kitchen drawers for a third time. I feel certain that they were laughing their alien bootees off at me from there space ship.

Well this morning as I reached for my cling wrap what do my wandering eyes did appear but my sweet little brown sugar bear.


Say it ain’t so……

Seriously y’all I emptied out that drawer and it was NOT there.

My conclusion: I now have the only terra cotta brown sugar bear that has been abducted by aliens.

I think I may send this picture on the National Enquirer and see if I can get some big bucks for it.

EXCLUSIVE: Bear reunited with mental patient, they had a joyous reunion and then moved on to make chocolate chip cookies.




Kim said...

Oh Robin, you crack me up! Isn't it funny the little things that send us over the edge? lol

Enjoyed your photos this week. If you get any advice on the plant, be sure to share with the rest of us horticulturally challenged people :-) I have not had much success at keeping houseplants alive.

Keep up the good Project 365 work!

Nel said...

Enjoyed your pictures, and the bear cracked me up. I actually think someone in my house hides things from me sometimes, the part I don't get is how do they know what I am going to be looking for? lolol. The prayer shawl is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

until next time... nel

sara said...

robin..I so get those hormonal breakdowns!!

now I am dying to know why that sweet potato was there!!!

I am impressed you have kept an indoor plant alive so long! I have finally resolved that I have a brown, no BLACK thumb and can not possibly keep anything alive in the house.

great week!

Amy said...

Beautiful pictures and when my sink is full of soapy dishes it means my family is happy and full...ha ha.

Thanks for sharing


He & Me + 3 said...

Popped over from Sara's. What is up with that sweet potato? Too funny. Love the picture of your ray of sunshine. Too cute. My favorite picture was of the pots and pans...very cool.

Rebecca Jo said...

Love your prayer shawl... its beautiful!

skoots1mom said...

well said...the bear was hiding next to the flour and jumped in the drawer before you could see him...
maybe your house it haunted...
you know, chuckles' mom has a ghost that moves her jewelry...seriously, you should hear her talk about it
Glad you found your little bear :)

Cathy said...

Your plants are beautiful to me. I love them. Great week.

Elizabeth said...

Your prayer shawl is beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the great pictures this week...

Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh that's just positively FREAKY! I bet he's been hanging out with all those missing socks from the laundry! What the heck? If you hadn't gone through the drawers TWICE I might wonder but anyway, glad he's done lolly-gagging, wherever that was. Maybe the aliens put the sweet potato there, too. A sort of peace offering for causing you all that stress.

And the plant looks like maybe too much water to me. I got those little bulb shaped things that you put water in and stick in your houseplants. They work great. Well, if you remember to put water in them. That's still a problem for me with my brain.

The Bug said...

Here I am at work laughing out loud - stop that!

I love the shawl - the color, the texture - beautiful!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

A sweet potato???

The shawl is beautiful. Looks so soft!

Don't ask me about plants...I could not be WORSE at caring for indoor plants.

rita said...

Reminds me of the runaway pancake!
I never heard of terra cota keeping brown sugar fresh. Ever learning.
I have a plant that I treasure for who it reminds me of.
Beautiful shawl. Good work!

Lisa said...

I've hunted for things like that. Def makes me feel (and appear) a little crazy.

Your house plant is more beautiful than anything I could ever pull off.

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