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Sunday, April 29, 2012

There are a few things I know for sure….

Over the long years of my Christian walk I have come to a very interesting observation. It happens sometime, we all have them, those days that you want to rewind and start over. The days that just don't seem to go very well and you wonder how so many small things can go wrong in such a short period of time.

It was the closing celebration of our Disciple study today. We end out the year with a Fellowship dinner together followed with a closing worship service. It is always a wonderful time where the participants have a chance to share how God worked in their life and in the lives of their class mates. In other words God was glorified in a big way. Lives have been changed and glory and praise were being lifted up to the Lord in abundance.

It started early in the day. The hubs had to leave at 6:00 A.M. to catch a flight to New York. He very much dislikes having to travel for business on Sunday, so he missed church.

After worship I find out that I was given the wrong information about when our closing dinner was scheduled so I had to do some quick phone calling to let everyone know that the information I had given them was not correct. Due to an unexpected human error the wrong time had been given out so lots of folks had the wrong time. Thankfully I was able to get in touch with all members of my class except for one.

After church the DD has choir practice so I have to hang out at church until 2:00 in the afternoon. Well since my time frame had been moved up by one full hour I had to grab the DD and rush home. I walk in the house and I have just enough time to make a  peanut butter and honey sandwich, sit down long enough to gobble it down with a glass of milk and then get back in the car and head back to the church. Well since I did not get my afternoon nap I figured I had just enough time to stop at the Starbucks for an ice coffee.

With a tall ice coffee in hand I hop back into the car and head for the church. I back out of my parking spot and have fully pulled my car out and have straightened up to drive out of the parking lot when BLAM….CRUNCH a car backs into the side of my car.

 crunch 001

crunch 002

What just happened as I roll down my window and look out to see that there is the back end of a car smashed into the side of my car.

The woman hops out of the car and announces “didn’t you see me?”

It was not until after we exchanged insurance information that my brain actually began to function again. It was not me that did not see her since there is a huge dent in the drivers side of my car. Unless my van spontaneous converted into a hover craft she was the one who backed into me!

So the Hub’s is out of town and now I have to call him and tell him the I’ve had a fender bender and guess what? I just made the very last payment on the van just this past month so it is paid off in full and NOW I have my very first wreck!

Now I am late to church,

Well I arrive at church all flustered and a bit on edge, will this afternoon never end? And I still have two plus hours to go!

I park around back because my classroom has been moved down to the first floor. I hop out and find all the door along the backside of the church are locked up tight as a drum. Back in the car and drive over to the side of the church and have to walk up the hill because there are no parking places because all the Disciple classed are meeting today!

Thankfully our last session was uneventful and we all ended our study on a positive note.

Then we all go back upstairs into the gathering area to have our closing fellowship dinner.

The final straw that broke the camels back was that in addition to me getting the incorrect information the caterers also got the wrong time as well. So we are all standing around and there is no food for our dinner.

The Disciple leaders had to do a quick reshuffle and we all moved into the Sanctuary.

We had our closing worship service first while we waited for our dinner to show up.

So what is my point? What do I know for SURE!

There was some powerful transformation going on today in the kingdom because the devil was working overtime to throw some major monkey wrenches into the plan!

But in the end God was glorified and if the devil doesn't like it he can sit on a tack!

Now I am safely back in my comfy recliner, the hubs has been informed of my dent situation and all is well.

I even got a call earlier from the DS and he has an unexpected day off so Muffinhead will not be here in the morning and I will have a much needed morning off!

God is GOOD!


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skoots1mom said...

omgoodness...what a day! i ended up liking doing the svc first and the eating second...makes for a much better dinner together (no nervous stomachs and lots of time to talk)
so sorry to hear about your accident, were you able to get a police report? praying all goes well as you work getting it repaired and so thankful no one was hurt ;)

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