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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 14: Our Staycation

Hold the phone, stop the presses, shut the front door and get out of town y’all! I have all seven days again this week!

I could not contain myself to just one picture a day this week. It seemed that every time I turned around this week there was something new to take a picture of!

I was snap happy all week long y’all.

So here is my week!

Sunday, April 1

It was such a beautiful day that we decided to cap it off with an impromptu pic-nic. We made a trip through the KFC drive thru and picked up some chicken and had a lovely dinner at the park. The Hub’s got the extra crispy and I got the grilled!


Later when we were taking the dog for a walk I just had to stop and admire this stand of deep purple Iris down the street from us. I am resisting the urge to sneak over and dig up a bulb for my own back yard. I just love the contrast between the deep purple and the bright yellow throats! I am contemplating stalking the house to catch the owners outside and see if they are up for a trade the next time they divide their bulbs!


I finally finished off the test sweater. I think I have all the kinks worked out. I made a few revision in the pattern.

This is a 12 month size. I still think it is a bit off in the proportions. I think the body of the sweater needs to be a bit longer.


Now that I know what I am doing I am starting on another sweater for Muffinhead. This time I think it may actually fit her when I am done!

Monday, April 2

One of the ladies in my Wednesday bible study class just retuned from a mission trip to Honduras. She brought us all a bag of coffee. The hubs loves it. It is a bit dark for my taste. I have found that if I brew it dark like he prefers it and then top it of with a healthy does of steamed skim milk it makes for a wonderful Cappuccino! The best of both worlds!


Taking further advantage of our couple time we made a trip over to H-Mart to see what they had in the way of seafood. Their offerings for a Monday afternoon were a bit disappointing. The Lobster was VERY pricy. We settled on a pound of Tiger shrimp and a small pint of shucked oysters. I found a recipe for baked oysters that I revised just a bit.

A little melted butter (about 1/2 a stick), minced garlic (2 or 3 cloves), grated Gruyere cheese (about 1/2 cup) and panko bread crumbs (about 1/4 cup) and a few minute in a super hot oven and the oysters were bubbly and wonderful! Next time, and trust me there will be a next time!!!!, I will serve it with some thinly sliced French Baggett!

The Grilled Shrimp were very good too!


Tuesday, April 3

The Girlchild is home, tired but happy and still on that retreat high!


Wednesday, April 4

The first bloom of spring!


It’s official. Well it’s been official for a while but they finally have a confirmed date. The venue is booked and the dresses and tux’s are picked out. My son is getting married y’all! Very happy news.

The Girlchild is very excited about being in her first wedding. We went to try on the dress and get it ordered. This is what it will look like. It is not the right color, but it’s ordered and on the way! Now all we have to do is get the shoes. I am in denial about shopping for a dress for me! I know I have to do this, y’all know me and shopping! I am going to begin praying NOW that the Lord will be merciful and lead me to just the right dress!


I retuned home from bridesmaid dress shopping to about a ton of mulch in various piles all over my yard.

The dog is having a wonderful time with all the great smells in the backyard.


I have the best husband y’all. He has my shelf fixed right back up. He found some wood that matched the kitchen table and cabinets.

He had it cut to fit the shelf and gave it a coat of stain! My canned goods are back in order!


Thursday, April 5

The Hub’s and I had thought we were going to be able to plan a short road trip during his week off. However given the fact that neither one of us could make a decision about where we wanted to go left us at a standstill. We did finally decide to make a very short day trip up to Callaway Gardens.

We had been there before in 2008 (see the shots below taken in 2008)

IMG_0029 IMG_0027 

When the Azaleas are in bloom the gardens are amazing. Don’t get me wrong Callaway Gardens is an absolutely beautiful place to visit anytime of the year. This trip however we were a bit off by about two weeks to really get to enjoy the blooming azaleas. They were all but gone.

This is a picture of the very same lake, The Callaway Brother’s Azalea Bowl was all played out I’m afraid!


Even without the color there are still so many breathtaking views. Walking along the wooded paths just washes a peace over me and I feel almost transported back to a different time!


There were still a few patches of blooms here and there!


I am planning an entire post abut this years trip to Callaway so look for it sometime next week. It will be a veggie gardener’s paradise y’all!

Friday, April 6

Friday morning our cupboard was bare. I had two left over KFC biscuits and three eggs.

What to do? Poor Man’s Eggs Benedict.


The second Iris to show up in my garden.


I had to go retrieve the Girlchild from my sisters. We made a plan to meet up at the town square in Marietta.

I had never been there before. While I was waiting for them I snapped off a few pictures.



Saturday, April 7

Earlier in the week I was watching one of my favorite Food Network shows, Barefoot Contessa! Ina made a Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble. I was doing my grocery shopping on Saturday morning and they had rhubarb. I kind thought that it was a sign so I brought some home. I have never cooked with Rhubarb before, my Grandma used to make Rhubarb pies all the time and I remember how good they were. So keep your fingers crossed that it will be successful!


I typically do not cook on Sundays. It’s a rummage for leftovers kind of day. However with the cupboard begin do bare and the Hubs and I having cleaned the frig out of all leftovers I decide that if we wanted to have a some what decent meal of Easter Sunday then I need to cook on Saturday night.

On The Menu: Spiral Sliced Ham with a Brown Sugar Glaze, Mac & Cheese (and no I did not do from scratch, Kraft makes a fairly good home-style that will do for those time when you just don’t feel like going to all that trouble) Allen’s Green beans and Corn on the Cob.


My frig is stocked with leftovers and Easter will be a restful one for all concerned, especially me now that I don’t have to cook!

Well that’s it for my jam packed week! I don’t think I know how to act having done two weeks in a row with all seven days. I think I may be in shock or transported to a parallel universe where I am a picture taking fool….or maybe I’m just in the zone! Who knows…not me that’s for sure!

For more P368 y’all head over to Sara’s  and link up to see what everyone else did this week y’all!

Blessings and have a joyous Easter Sunday.

He is Risen….He is Risen indeed!



sara said...

You must have done this just for ME!!! what a way to come back and get to see all these pictures!!!

The sweater is adorable!! I think children's clothes always look out of proportion!!!

Your food this week is so yummy looking..especially since I haven't had anything like that for over a month!

congrats to your son...and you!!!!


Between the gorgeous flowers, the absolultey to die for food, and the beautiful family you have....you produced some of the most fabulous pictures. Loved them all. Happy Easter.

Sassy Granny ... said...

What a wonderful collection! I would sure like to have that Strawberry/Rhubarb Crumple Recipe, too.

Now I'm hungry.

A blessed & joy-filled day of remembrance.


skoots1mom said...

you had a huge week...beautiful!

The Bug said...

Yay you! Love the flower pics. My aunts like to go to Calloway Gardens. I think it's beautiful in its green state too.

Wow all your food looks fabulous! I'm cureious about how the crumble turned out - my dad's wife makes a good strawberry rhubarb pie, but she might be interested in the crumble.

Congrats to your son!

Kim said...

Oh my goodness! I laughed and smiled all the way through your post :) What a GREAT week! Although all the food photos have me craving some seafood and ham! I've got a pot of spaghetti sauce with homemade meatballs simmering right now and they can't get done fast enough! hahaha

Glad you had a fabulous Staycation!

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