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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 15

Hey Guys! Well it was back to the old weekly grid. With spring break and our staycation over things got back to normal in short order.

Sunday, April 8

We got a visit from my son and family on Easter evening. In all the time that Muffinhead has spent at our house she had never actually spent the night. Well since she was due to be back at our house the very next morning and mom had some extra clean cloths in the car we had an impromptu sleepover.

Grandpa and Muffinhead had some fun after bath time. Love those giggle sound don’t y’all!


Wednesday, April 11

Normally Muffinhead’s mom picks her up before I finish up with my bible study on Wednesday. However she had a meeting and I ended up having her for the rest of the afternoon. I am not entirely sure what the fascination is with folding chairs but every time we find ourselves in a room with multiple folding chairs Muffinhead feels compelled to fold them up and line them up against the wall!



Thursday, April 12

A left over Turkey Burger with Feta Cheese and Spinach. It was actually pretty good. It was a recipe from my sister who does not eat red meat.

1 pound of ground turkey, about 1/2 a bag (16 oz) of chopped frozen spinach (thawed) one small container of feta cheese, we used the feta that was flavored with sun dried tomato and basil and one egg. Mix all ingredients together and cook on hot griddle or flattop for about 3 minutes on each side. It was really good y’all. The Hub’s even liked it. Next time I think I will makes sure the meat is a bit more seasoned before had with some salt and pepper too!


Friday, April 13

A friend and I went to our favorite place for bedding plats. I got several new additions for the back yard that I am eager to see if they will make it though the summer. Now that I have a full sun backyard i am having to lean all about a whole new concept in plants. My old yard was nearly full shade, so I was very familiar with what to plant. I am learning all about full sun gardening! I also got some bright pink geraniums and a couple of tomato plants and a bell pepper plant to.

Penstemon Husker's Red, Miniature Bells Penstemon, Crocosmia, Salvia, Black-eyed Susan and some Achillea 'Cerise Queen, have I ever heard of any of these except for the Black-eyed Susan…that would be a big no! My sister did have some Crocosmia in her yard but I have never had any. I am learning a lot and keeping my fingers crossed for success.


Saturday, April 14

Last fall a very dear friend gave me a ton of new bulbs for my yard. This is the first bit of new color from her garden sharing! Digging out bulbs may be a chore but it is so much fun to share with others.


Well that was my week.

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!



Loved the muffinhead shot with grandpa. Your garden shots were awesome. Hope your week is wonderful.

The Bug said...

Muffinhead is an organizer - you need to channel that skill & get her to help you out as she gets older :)

Can't wait to see how all your plant booty does!

Kim said...

I agree with The Bug... channel the inner organizer in Muffinhead :)

Are you doing a lot of vegetable gardening this year? Or just sticking mostly to the "pretties"? I hope we'll be able to have a garden at the new place; just not sure we'll have the necessary time at the right time, what with all the building going on.

Have a wonderful week!

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

I am going to try to make that delicous looking turkey burger next week. I am going to a ladie's retreat this week or else I would be making it this week :-)

rita said...

Sweet g'pa-Mffnhd pic!
You sure make that sandwich look appetizing!
Gorgeous iris.
Have a gt. wk!

Terri Tiffany said...

Your weeks are always lovely--just hoping you are feeling better today.

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