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Monday, April 9, 2012

Callaway Gardens… Mr. Cason’s Vegetable Garden….It was Veggie Garden Heaven Y’all

First a few more pictures from our visit to Callaway gardens!

The Sibley Horticultural Center was just beautiful. They had it decked out for Easter with bunny topiaries tucked in various places all over the garden. The were so sweet.


I especially love this little chick. They had a pair of them placed like they were pecking for a treat in the greenery!


Banks of white Easter lilies were everywhere! Thousands of them…the smell was amazing. It just hug in the air!


The azaleas' were a bit of a disappointment but there were a lot of other things blooming to take their place!



IMG_9122 IMG_9129

IMG_9134 IMG_9146 IMG_9165

I never tire of imagining what is just beyond the end of the path. It just takes me back to the days of once upon a time and unicorns, fairies and magic enchanted forests where something wonderful can happen!


But here is what I wanted to show y’all!

I was walking around with my jaw on the floor. I guess we missed this the last time we were here. It was one piece of giant awesomeness around each turn in the garden path.

Mr.Cason’s Garden is 7.5 acres and it is staffed by 6 full time gardeners as well as many volunteers from the community. You can bet that if I lived closer I would sure be over there soaking in all the knowledge of all those professional gardeners as often as I could.

As you walk up the steps you see the entire garden laid out before you. In between the garden beds are wide paths spread with mulch. Most of the beds at this time of the year had been planted with some kind of red flowering clover and some of the beds had just been left fallow waiting for whatever would go in next. They did have their tomatoes in and  plot of onions as well as some greens. With 7.5 acres I am sure that there is no end to the amount of produce this garden can accommodate. Off to the left as you walk down the mulch paths is a small section of the garden that is surrounded by a lovely picket fence, you can see it circled in the below photograph.

Walled  in section ofthe garden


When I walked through the garden gate I was just drooling with envy. It was just amazing and I never wanted to leave. The garden is also home to the Victory Garden South. I used to catch that show in PBS all the time!


Just inside the gate is an entire bed planted with Foxglove and Snapdragons, it was just gorgeous!


It was one amazing small little garden nook around each turn!


How about having this garden shed in your backyard!IMG_9240

I asked the hubs if he thought he could build one of these in my back yard.IMG_9243

It had a small hosta garden.


Directly in the center of the sweet little garden retreat was this amazing porch. IMG_9253

It had a 360 view of every part of the garden. The amazing things is that during our visit this time we were troubled occasionally with some frequent rain showers. It had begun to rain fairly heavily and the Hubs and I dashed in out of the rain and sat down in these two chairs and just enjoyed listening and watching the rains fall on the garden.



I am not sure what this is but I suspect it may be some type of poppy!


Y’all it was like dying and going to veggie garden heaven!


Y’all I want one!




The Bug said...

Gorgeousness! I wanna go...


I live about 30 minutes from Calloway and love to go. Did you go to the Butterfly place while you were there...and yes Sibley is gorgeous...it's all gorgeous....it is exquisite at Christmas time.

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