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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 17: Playdough, Mommy Treasures and a Party

Monday, April 23

.98 cents worth of salt, $2.50 worth of flour and a few other ingredients and you have enough playdough to last the entire summer.



Thursday, April 26 a little Then and Now!!!!!

Every mom knows the moment they walk in and find their child sitting on the floor holding a pair of scissors surrounded by piles of wacked up hair! I think it must be some randomly pre programmed event that is built into every child's DNA. A lovely unexpected event placed by the Lord into each child's genetic make up. Like the roll of the dice you just never know when the program will occur.

1993 ~ My Son…………………………………1999 ~ My Daughter

Devin 1993Logan - 1999

2012 ~ Muffinhead found the scissors y’all! Needless to say mom was not very happy! Muffinhead and Angel Baby have matching heads now!


Friday, April 27 

The DD 17th birthday is this weekend. They made there own personal pizza’s, had a spa night and then spent the rest of the evening doing what teenage girls do best. Acting silly, giggling, talking and solving the words problems until the wee hours of the morning!



Well that was my week! Not a lot of pictures but a lot to look back on and smile for sure!

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!




The Bug said...

Oh yes - I cut my own hair when I was little too. And now I'm cutting it again! With similar results I'm sure :)

Your DD is so pretty. Happy birthday to her!

skoots1mom said...

so glad the party went well...they're all so grown up in this shot

Kim said...

What a fun -- and funny! -- week :) Gotta love those great photos with the funky haircuts.

I managed to keep scissors away from my kids until they were past the stage of trying to cut their own hair... BUT when my daughter was a teenager, she cut a friend's hair :/ Thankfully the girl's mom had a great attitude, telling my daughter she'd just saved her $15 she'd have spent at the salon :) Actually she'd done a pretty good job, but boy did I freak out initially.

Our young'uns grow up too fast. *sigh* But it is fun to see them mature, even if they do revert at times and become silly children again :) At that age, they go back and forth with such ease! haha

Precious memories in those photos!

momma frans said...

oh NO!! at least she's adorable no matter what the length of her hair is! :-)
I was very fortunately able to avoid that common incident with both of my kids,knock on wood.

semperfi said...

I never had the hair cutting problem with my boys. I guess I was blessed or maybe because I cut their hair clippers, we never used scissors. Muffin head still looks cute.


I love homemade playdoh. That is one of the things i miss about my daughter being grown.

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