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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 13: Attention, Attention….I have all SEVEN DAYS!

Y’all I can’t remember the last time I actually had a picture for all seven days so with no further ado here is my week…

Sunday, March 25

The DD had to be at church very early. The Youth Choir was singing at all three services. The Hubs and I dropped off the girl at 7:15 and then went and had a breakfast date at Panera. My all time fav bagel is the cinnamon crunch! It is just too good y’all!


Monday, March 26

I think this is one of my favorite pictures that I have taken in a long time. Muffinhead and I were out in the backyard. She was playing and having a wonderful time and I look up and I notice this congregation of birds just across the yard. I very quietly rose from my chair, slowly went to get my camera off the table and was fortunate enough to snap off one perfect picture. As soon as the shutter closed they burst into the air and were gone!

I’ve been told they are Waxwings!


Tuesday, March 27

I will not let Muffinhead take off with my camera, but I will let her sit in my lap and take pictures.

Study of blue sky and patio chair by Muffinhead, and yes she took a picture of my big ol’ butt sitting in the chair too…





Wednesday, March 28

I am breaking in the camera on my new phone, for a phone it takes pretty good pictures. I had to snap this picture of her sweet little bowed head during the blessing for out meal at Wednesday Night supper. I am very sad as this was our last supper until the fall. I am going to miss that table fellowship with all my friends, not to mention having to adjust to cooking on Wednesdays now!

3-28-2012 wed night supper ~ 1

Thursday, March 29

One more Muffinhead photo op!

Self Portrait by Muffinhead


Friday, March 30

Herb Crusted Baked Chicken…it was really good y’all!


Saturday, March 31

It’s that time again. We dropped off the DD at church for there annual Youth Spring Break Retreat! She was about to bust to get on the bus.


After we dropped her off the hubs and I stopped for a small bite to eat. Saturday marks the first day in our week long staycation. We had thought we were going to be able to make a very short trip somewhere with the girlchild was gone but we did not get our ducks in a row to make any hard plans. We have opted for a few days of couple time, having a few nice dinners, maybe a movie and maybe a trip to see some spring color somewhere!


Later that night we had a Birthday/Date Night to celebrate the Hub’s birthday

Texas Roadhouse it the Hub’s new favorite place to get a good steak!


It never disappoints!

The BBQ Rib Appetizer was awesome and my Filet Medallions with Peppercorn sauce was wonderful!


Well that was my week!

I am still basking in the knowledge that I manages all seven day this week!

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up



Love the waxwing shot. I have never seen those before that I know of. Herb crusted chicken looked yummy. Pictures of the kids were great. I miss those days. Mine is 31 and married and lives in another town a couple of hours from here and preparing to go to Moldova (in what was Russia) as a summer missionary....and then hopefully as a full time one.

Kim said...

Muffinhead has a future as an artistic photographer! :) She's such a cutie pie.

That's a very cool photo of the birds. I'm never fast enough with my camera.

The food photos are KILLING me. haha That looks so amazing!

Have a fun staycation!

The Bug said...

I was going to say that you were cheating letting Muffinhead take the pictures, but since Mike takes about 80% of our pictures I'll just keep my mouth shut :)

rita said...

I've tasted those bagels, yum!
A dozen bird all at once!
Muffinhead's self portrait is great. I haven't been able to master that skill yet.

semperfi said...

I LOVED the Waxwing pic. How wonderful to be able to get it. Muffinhead is a becoming photographer, go for her. Have a great week

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