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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 16

I had an inkling on Friday when I was shopping for all the flowers for my back yard that there was something in the works. By the end of the day after long hours digging holes in the hot sun I felt really yucky, my throat hurt and I really did not feel well. Saturday morning I woke up with a full blown sore throat, stuffy nose and nasty cough. I spent the rest of the weekend nursing my cold with alka seltzer plus and my box of tissues.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday…..no pictures.

IMG_8190 IMG_8317

Wednesday, April 18

Thankful by Tuesday evening I was feeling much better. It was a good thing as I had my bible study class. I have finally gotten the routine down of getting me and Muffinhead out of the house down to a science. I have figured out that it is easer to leave really early and let her have her breakfast with her class at church or just let her have her breakfast with  me in our room before I take her down. No food in the tummy lessens the chance of her getting car sick, which she has done a few times. That made for wonderful mornings. I think we have it figured out now that the bible study schedule is over in one week. Go figure!

I have to make a few trips out to the car to get all our stuff loaded and this is just a green light for Muffinhead and Buster to get settled in for a car ride. Much to Busters dismay he never gets to come along for the fun! He does keep Muffinhead company while I get all out stuff loaded in the car though.


Thursday, April 19

YIKES….That’s $70.04 to fill my tank!


Friday, April 20

I was watching Paula Deen make Shrimp and Grits on her show and it sounded so good. The closest I could come for supper was pan seared butterfly pork chops and cheesy polenta. I served sautéed kale (for me the the DD) Allen’s green beans for the Hub’s (he does not like kale) and we had a fresh picked from the garden green salad! YUM!



Saturday, April 21

My Four Favorite Words….Reduced For Quick Sale! I made a HUGE score! Leg of lamb y’all!



IMG_9374  IMG_9376

I had to restrain myself not to buy all four that they had marked down. I did get two of them. One to cook now and one for the freezer! The Hubs loves lamb!

Well that was my week. I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather and taking lots of pictures!

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!




Kim said...

That's the way it usually is, right about the time you figure out how things need to work, it's over. Sorta like going to a conference but staying in a different hotel. I get lost every time going back and forth until the last day. haha

Glad you're feeling better!

I love scoring good deals at the grocery store :) I always feel like I've conquered something grand. haha And nothing makes me more upset than to buy something one day and have it go on sale the next :/

Have a great week!

skoots1mom said...

great looking food...
cute shot in the van too
you're gonna enjoy that lamb

Lori Davidson said...

Awww, I hope you're all better by now. Sore throats are just the pits. Of course, with gas prices the way they are, none of us are going to be "feeling" better. Ugh. :(
Certainly makes ya think before just hopping into your car to run and do this and that, doesn't it?

momma frans said...

glad youre feeling better! that food looks delicious! I have only recently discovered kale, and only used it in soup so far. I'll have to look into some other uses for it.
I can't believe you got such a good deal on the lamb! good job!

sara said...

glad you are feeling better!!!

I am not a lover of lamb...yuck...but yay for you!!!

rita said...

Garden lettuce, polenta, lamb!!! I'll be over!
Muffinhead is getting tall.
Stay well.

The Bug said...

Boy your dinner looks pretty darn yummy. I'm goign to have to check out kale sometime - I'm pretty sure I'd like it a lot.

Glad you're feeling better!


Your meal looks good and good score on the lamb. I nearly died on your gas price. I thought 50.00 was bad. How much is gas your way?

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