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Friday, November 4, 2011

Way to go Robynn…..it has really got me to thinking

I read a post this morning that really got me to thinking.

We all know that our economy is in a bad way. I’ve been watching the ongoing news stories on ABC about Made in America, and how almost all of the products we purchase are manufactured in China or in some other country. As I sit and type this I look around my house and know that almost all the items in it have been manufactured in a different part of the world. As consumers for decades we have been shopping arbitrarily without thought to the origins of the products we purchase.

I will admit that the thought of perusing a complete boycott on all foreign manufacturing seems overwhelming. It would possibly render me and my whole family in the position of having to rid ourselves of every article of clothing and render us housebound were we to take the goal seriously. However as a consumer thinking of the small things I can accomplish within my realm of influence, well that is a bit different.

What can I do to personally make a commitment to change?

I can decide to do a bit of research before I randomly hit the add to cart button in my online shopping. Can I find an alternate product that is manufactured in the united states? Is there an alternative that I can start to think about?

I am a huge fan of handmade gifts. Being the lover of all things homemade I try to do at least some of my gift giving with things I have made in the kitchen. Ball mason jars are in fact manufactured in the United States and so are a lot of brands of yarns. Making a scarf or putting up a batch of home made applesauce for gift giving is a very small start to retraining my thinking as far as trying to reach the goal of supporting our nations economy.

Here’s what I’m pondering….is is possible to have a completely made in the USA Christmas?

What am I willing to do to make that happen?

What would happen if everyone used their spending dollar this holiday season to say YES to Made in the USA and a BIG FAT NO to Made in China…


Hmmmmmm is there such a thing as a laptop that is made in America?????? cause I really want one of those for Christmas……

I think I just shot myself in the foot!

However, making the change in my thinking and making a change in my spending habits are all real tangible things that I can defiantly begin to do.

What can I make?

What can I do?

Where is it made?

Can I get a comparable substitute that is made right here in the good Ol’ USA?

Y’all head over to Robynn’s Ravings and check out her post. She outlined lots of really great ideas for this seasons of gift giving and holiday spending.

It got me to thinking……..






Simply Debbie said...

Good Afternoon Robin,
I have been thinking ALSO...ever since my husband and I saw a news report about Ford making their cars in china...hmmmmm
They interviewed an Asian man and he said that most of their culture will only buy Fords'....
hmmm..I had to think about this as China sends their cars here to the US to sell and Americans buy them like crazy...
There is a Ford plant in China that could put many Americans to work and probably make more money selling them back to China.
Don't get me wrong...God wants us to help other countries but it is time for the USA to rebuild...this country is in a severe crisis. Some one has to cry out...WE SHOULD START WITH A WEEKEND OF PRAYER and ask GOD FOR WISDOM AND DIVINE INTERVENTION.
You will find a lot of people will stay away from this topic because they are afraid of offending the Asian community but the Asian community should understand more than any one, that we are not offending these gracious, world-power people.
Thank you for opening up the dialouge that AMERICA IS IN A CRISIS, PEOPLE

A_Esteves said...

It's amazing the fact that almost all products come from China. I don't know how they produce that much! Here in Brazil is the same, everything is made in China. It's nice to see people caring about their nation's economy and trying to help. Good gesture!

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