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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 46: An Unwanted Surprise, Sweet Vitamin C and a visit from Muffinhead

Well almost….I got four out of seven days this week.

I will make a disclaimer ahead of time. Due to the particularly unpleasant nature of certain female bodily function this weeks P365 post is decidedly hormonally driven. In an attempt to be completely real and transparent to all aspect of the peri-menopausal process I have decided to adapt a full discloser policy…….those with weak constitutions may want to jump straight to Thursday where my selections are of a more acceptable topic and not hormonally motivated!

Monday, November 7

Just call me Gomer….SUPRISE, SUPRISE, SUPRISE…….


I woke up Monday morning feeling awful.

Hence the photograph of the Homemade Whole Wheat toast with a drizzle of honey.

It hit the spot as well as putting something in my tummy so I could take the necessary meds to help with the awful I woke up with. In addition to feeling awful I was also really really, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY ticked. The reason for my awfulness had not reared it’s ugly head since July. I was blissfully month after month enjoying the concept of bidding farewell to certain annoying monthly aspects of my life….if ya know what I mean!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, November 8

I felt better on Tuesday but I had to make a trip to the store. Having not required this particular product for over four months. My regular stash under the bathroom sink having been depleted long ago…alas all the emergency supplies from the bottom of purses and makeup up bags having been pressed into service I was out of options. I had to actually make a special trip out to remedy my situation……DRAT!


Thursday, November 10

I have been enjoying these wonderful sweet treats! Love me some Clementine's! I just wish they weren't so expensive!


Friday, November 11

We had a sweet surprise visit from Muffinhead and mom. They had some car maintenance that the Hubs had offered to help with so they popped over and then stayed for super.

Muffinhead was intrigued with Buster’s rawhide. He was totally ignoring her and completely focused on his raw hides. We explained to her that she could not have Buster’s rawhide, that it was first Buster’s, and secondly nasty. She quickly remedied the situation by going in the kitchen opening the pantry door and retrieving a brand new clean raw hide that she pronounced to be MINE!


and YES we did take it away from her…but it was really cute!

OK that was my week. At least it ended a whole lot better than it started!

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!




sara said...

so so fun being a woman!!!

As i deal with menopause, I am very thankful that do to surgery many years ago, I don't have to deal with that too!!! I literally did the happy dance in the doctor's office when he told me I need a hysterectomy!!! seriously.

let's hope we all have a better week this week!!!

sara said...

and btw, muffinhead could make any bad day good!!!

LuAnn said...

I also had the hysterectomy thing almost 8 yrs ago - sorry for you.

Smile it can only get better.


Menapause was my salvation. I love clementines...and thank your helping me remember to get some this week. My dad actually raised them in our yard when I was a child. I would sit out in the yard and eat them off the tree...and end up with a terrible rash around my mouth and on my face.

The Bug said...

I love you - reading about you keeping it real makes my day :) I hadn't had such a visit for about four months when I last saw my doctor - he said that I was too young & gave me something to kick start said visit once a quarter or so. Darn!

Love honey on toast - I might have to have some tonight. I'm not tempted by the rawhide even though Muffinhead is a terribly cute model :)

semperfi said...

I love Muffinhead's idea of getting her own clean rawhide, how smart.
Thanks for sharing

Kim said...

It does finally end :) I sometimes went six months between visits, though.
Hoping your coming week is lots better!

rita said...

Muffinhead is soooo smart. Watch out!
Hope you feel better for a looooong time now ;)

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