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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Made in the USA…..a challenge for us all

Having just retuned from my normal trip to the Wal-Mart for the necessary personal care products such as toothpaste and toothbrushes and etc, I returned home feeling a bit overwhelmed but also a bit encouraged.

Out of the 24 products on my receipt there were only four or five that were manufactured out side of the United States.

There were a few product that failed to state where they were manufactured so I will have to do some additional research to follow up to see how I did. My deodorant did not state where it was manufactured nor did the toothpaste I purchased. Most to the shampoos and conditions were all made in the USA as well as the other hair care products.

I was shocked at how many products I purchased that did not list any where on the label where they were manufactured.

In a few click on the www I was able to determine that the Sensodyne toothpaste was probably made into Malaysia, I tried to email the company that manufactured the deodorant but was unsuccessful due to there poor website.

I have to say that initially I felt like I had done a fairly good job of shopping AMERICAN, but after further research I am not so sure.

Plus after several minutes of web searching found that if I want to brush my teeth with something other than my finger  OR if i want to pay $2.00 plus shipping and handling for ONE toothbrush then made in China or India is my only option. NONE OF THE TOOTHBRUSHED AT WAL-MART WERE MADE IN THE USA!

The sad thing is that I am not sure that I have the stamina to maintain a strictly made in he USA policy, I can not see my budget allowing nor my willingness to devote the added time to research all the products I use to ensure that they are all made in America. It’s a good concept, I am just not so sure how it will all play out.

I did find one website where you could get a toothbrush subscription for $15.00, yea a bit pricy but they send you the toothbrushes in the mail and then you can send them back and they will recycle then again. Kind of a cool idea but I don't think I am ready to fork out the $15.00 for a new toothbrush every three months in the mail.

Here is the link Preserve should you want to investigate for yourself.

I did purchase one Christmas gift today and it was manufactured in the United States. And just an FYI all Nordic Ware bake ware and other products are all manufactured in the United States.  Plus following Robynn’s suggestion I picked up several gift cards to our favorite coffee spot for stocking stuffers….more money going back into the local economy.

I did find a website that is like a clearing house for products made in the United states. You can click here to visit it. I found it to be very helpful.

My goal is to be an informed consumer. Will I achieve a completely MADE IN AMERCAI Christmas, probably not. However if I do not at least try then I become part of the problem.

My challenge to you today is to flip your package over and look for where it is manufactured. There may not be an alternative like buying a toothbrush, but there might be a comparable product that is made in the USA!

My second challenge is a bit more of a time commitment. In my opinion the only way we as consumers can affect a change is with our voices and with our dollars. I need to be willing to send off an email to the corporations requesting that the products I purchase be manufactured in the United Stares. Will it work, will they listen….who knows. But if enough of us all let out voices be heard then just maybe we will all be brushing our teeth with good old Made In The USA toothbrushes…….

Every little bit helps.

My third suggestion is to spread the word, if you find a product that is made in he United States toss it up on your FB page, blog about it, let folks know where to get it, if you have a great idea for a homemade gift then toss that one out there as well. I know my stash of homemade gifts will be big this year.

Let’s all have a MADE IN THE USA Christmas…….

What do y’all think……




Mary said...

It is amazing to see what isn't made in the USA. For that reason, I'll only use Snuggle fabric softener.
Thanks for the links...I'll be checking them out!

Mr Lonely said...

nice blog..walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

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