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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Project 365: A Double Header………I’m Back:)

First I have to say that with the Thanksgiving break being all but over I am finally actually feeling like Thanksgiving. I just sat down to a wonderful plate of leftovers and am feeling very satisfied. I’m coming to the party a bit late today but at last we have all our files back in place on the new desktop and I have my new birthday laptop up and running. I am comfortable blogging with my feet up in my favorite recliner watching Americas Funnies Videos. Thank You Jesus and my thoughtful husband that I am no longer chained to the desktop, nor do I have to fight the DD for computer time either……for that I am very thankful indeed!

So this edition will be a culmination of the last two weeks. I did not get each day but I did get a few good shots….so let's get at it!

Week 47

Monday, November 14

Things have changed around the Be Still and Know household as I am now watching Muffinhead four days a week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays. I will keep this schedule up for the reminder of the school year. Prayers for stamina would be greatly appreciated……

Apples are a good thing!


Tuesday, November 15

Unfortunately Muffinhead did not stay stationary for very long…but it was sweet watching her put her babies to bed and then grab her own blankie and joining them for a bit……it did not last for very long.


I love my crock pot, especially when it all comes together . Sometimes it just all works out just right. The seasonings, the cut of meat the veggies, it all came together and this was the end result. We really enjoyed this pot roast with potatoes, carrotss, onion, mushrooms with a creamy brown gravy with a cheesy polenta….my all time favorite combination. It was good y’all!


Thursday, November 17

The HOA recently installed our long awaited playground. We moved in this subdivision almost five years ago and at last we now have a playground. Muffinhead and I seized the day and the beautiful weather and made a trip up to the new playground.

Great fall color!


A big stick is always fun!



story time…love a good snuggle!


Friday, November 18

My grandma used to make pancake men, well I had some leftover pancake batter from the night before. Love breakfast for dinner, but then that’s another post entirely. Well this guy needs a bit of work but I hope with practice to be able to make a good pancake man just like my grandma did when I was a little girl. And y’all Muffinhead put away three whole pancakes for breakfast that morning!


Week 48

Sunday, November 20

I was pretending that I was not getting a cold earlier in the week, well by Sunday there was no ignoring the facts. I was feeling really crappy and stayed home from church with my Alka Seltzer Plus, my hot tea and blanket!


Tuesday, November 22

The DD had a friend over for a few days. When she left and I was feeling better I found this note on our marker board in the kitchen. I love it when the girlchild’s friends feel at home here…like a home away from home. It was sweet that she left me a little love note of appreciation!


Thursday, November 24

On Thanksgiving we drove out to my SIL. I did absolutely no cooking, I did bring a sweet potato pie, which as pie’s go I am not sure I will make it again. Over many years of pie eating I have determined that pumpkin and sweet potato pie is just not one of my all time fav’s. I’ll be sticking to apple and peach from now on.

Muffinhead got a bit restless a few times during the day so she and I would grab a cookie and head down the street for a bit of a walk. The house across form my SIL had two large lawn statuary that she was so intrigued with. She petted them, sat on the gave their sweet little heads a pat.


Every seven year my birthday falls on Thanksgiving. It was problematic as a little girl and made party planning a real bummer. Now I am a bit more accepting of the fact that Thanksgiving trumps birthdays sometimes. The DD surprised me some metal measuring cups and measuring spoons. No more plastic for me. I shared with you the other day about my new birthday laptop so I will stop gushing about it and move on.


Friday, November 25

I did a little bit of pantry organization on Friday. All my canning was stored on the very bottom of my pantry back in a dark hole. I finally moved it out into the light. I don’t think this is where it will permanently stay but I figured that if I can not see what I have then it never gets used.

From left to right we have peach jam (thanks Sara), pepper jelly, apple butter, apple sauce, orange marmalade, pickle relish, cranberry sauce and then more pepper jelly…….


Well that’s it for me for the last few days!

I hop you all had a wonderful thanksgiving…..now it’s time to get the house decorated and finish up the last bit of Christmas shopping.

Blessings Y’all!

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!


lailani said...

She is absolutely adorable! Your pictures brought a smile to my heart, they are full of the peace and ease (even the alca seltzer...sp) and fun.

Have a good week


Your pantry of wonderfully delectible jams and jelly treats. My mouth was watering. Your week looked like so much fun. Precious little one.

rita said...

Sweet g'ma moments.
Delish roast.
Mouth-watering jams.
Happy birthday, Robin!!!
Giving thanks for you!

The Bug said...

Your crockpot meal looks delicious! AND your canning - yum!

But the winner, as usual, is Muffinhead (well, the laptop's not too shabby either - ha!).

Terri Tiffany said...

How wonderful you get to be with your adorable granddaughter so often!! Whoo hoo!! I enjoyed reading about your week through pictures:) Good ones again--loved that pot roast picture the best!

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