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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 45: Wonder Woman, Pie, Scrambled Egg’s and Stupidity…..

Again I am still searching for my P365 mojo, Hopefully with the fall weather and the holiday season approaching I may get further inspired to attempt to be a bit more photo-active through out my week!

My new favorite saying….It Is What It Is!

So here is my week…….such as it is.

Monday, October 31

Why yes, she is Wonder Woman!


Tuesday, November 1

I made good use of some of the apples we got in the mountains. They made for a really good pie!


Saturday, November 5

Homemade Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Bread, thick cut bacon and scrambled egg’s. We rarely get to have Saturday breakfast together. The hubs usually has his men’s small group on Saturday morning but this Saturday morning he found himself at home. It was good y’all, the breakfast and all being together on Saturday morning.


I have to share with you all y’all my latest senior moment. I was in the midst of getting a batch of cinnamon bread as well as Honey Whole Wheat done. I have learned that it is just as easy to get two batches going one right after the other. Well I had gotten everything finished and both batches were set to proof. The best place to proof in my house is on top of my stove.

What I did was beyond STUPID! Earlier in the morning I had been simmering up a batch of candied orange peel. I had made a small fruit salad and had peeled about four oranges and not wanting to let the peel go to waist and having a hankering for some homemade orange peel well……what I did was I took my small sauce pan off the heat to allow the peel to cool….

I forgot to turn the burner off.

The setting was so low that you could not see the flame and I got so involved in getting my dough mixed up and working on the first proof that I did not realize that the burner was still on.

Later  when I went back to check on my dough I thought it was a bit odd that the raisin bread was so much further along than the whole wheat. It was nearly tripled in size. I picked up the bowl and se it over onto the counter and then there was a very loud POP!

The bottom of the bowl was so hot that it just split the whole bowl right in two……..CRACK!


The bread was baking right in the bowl, well at least is was baking on the very bottom, burned is more to the point. I was able to dump the dough out of the cracked bowl and use my kitchen scissors to cut away the baked part. I salvaged enough dough to make two smaller loaves so aside from forfeiting one of my nice large ceramic serving bowls to stupidity all was not lost!

Plus the bread was really good!

Well such as it is that was my week!

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!




Lisa said...

Beautiful! Love the apple pie picture...so artistic!

skoots1mom said...

oh no!!
so sorry about your bowl

that breakfast looks yummy too

i slepts 14 hours last night and still feel horrible...this cold is kicking me.

Kim said...

Oh, I want a piece of that pie! It looks so delicious... as does that breakfast. YUM!
So sorry about your bowl but happy you were able to salvage some of the dough. All was not lost!
I sometimes think I've lost my mind, I'm so forgetful these days. Oh well!
Have a great week!


wow...I could almost smell that apple pie. I love me some apples that is for sure. I am sorry to hear about your bowl. I hate to break my favorite bowls and serving pieces. Loved Wonder Woman.

faith hope love ღ said...

cute that child with wonderful woman clothes and the food sees delicious...thanks for sharing God bless you

Rebecca Jo said...

look at that bowl!! That's crazy!!!

OK - thatis the cutest Wonder Woman EVER! :)

And um... apple pie is my favorite sweet treat so I'll take one of those please :)

sara said...

oh my gosh, I have done that before. I left the burner on low, went to the grocery store and the came home and set the plastic bags on top of the stove.....fire!

that pie looks amazing!!!!

Hey, how far are you guys from Rome, GA?

Terri Tiffany said...

Oh you made me wish now I had bought more apples yesterday! I want that pie and bread. Is the cinnamon bread an easy recipe? I will look one up.

The Bug said...

Look at those little corn rows - she is just too cute!

I can't be trusted in the kitchen - your little drama would be played out every day if I tried to so some serious cooking in there!

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