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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 21

Well in favor of doing an extended Project 365 I am doing the customary Be Still and Know vacation recap posts. So if you want to see all the Hawaii vacation pictures keep your eyes on your Google Readers or Blogroll’s for all the tropicalness you can stand. You can click the following link to see pictures of The Big Island. My next vacation recap will be the Island of Oahu so get ready for Diamond Head, The Dole Plantation and Waikiki Beach.

So I started this week with Tuesday since that was our first official day back from vacation.

Tuesday, May 17 ~ The Loot

What’s a vacation with out a few souvenirs of the trip. Some wine from the Volcano Winery, a couple bags of Hawaiian Coffee, some gifts for family and friends, ya know all the usual vacation stuff!


The mandatory Christmas Tree Ornaments!

 IMG_7008 IMG_7009

And what trip would be complete with out a coffee mug, this one however is special as it was actually made in Hawaii and actually made by someone who lived in Hawaii as well.


A real hand carved bookmark also made in Hawaii out of Koa wood! Very nice! And This really neat little salt box with a sliding lid with a small magnet to keep it closed. I have it filled with salt already and sitting by the stove! It is made out of bamboo and sadly it was made in china, maybe it was made out of Hawaiian bamboo, well it wasn’t expensive and I like it so…just bought it!

IMG_7011 IMG_7012

The first night home from vacation calls for some good ol take out. I drove my tired old bones to the nearest KFC for some fried chicken!


Wednesday, May 18

In order to lessen the traumatic backlash from the five star treatment I had just received at The Grand Wieleia I set out my assortment of sweet tropical smelling hotel soaps and such by my bathroom sink. Our stay at the Hilton on Maui was awesome, I have an entire post planed on it so look for it! You will be amazed!


Thursday, May 19

My garden faired well in my absence. Skoots1mom and the MIL did a wonderful job with the necessary watering and I came home to the green beans well on there way to my stove top and even a few baby zucchini ready to harvest!


Friday, May 20

I got a call on Friday afternoon from one of the ladies from my Disciple I Class. She had done some major thinning in her garden. She came over bearing massive piles of iris, day lilies, star gazer lilies and some other type of lily as well. I know what I will be doing tomorrow morning!

I love free plants especially ones that come back every year!


Saturday, May 21

What did y’all do while you waited for the world to come to an end?

I spent most of the morning working in my back yard planting bulbs! Until it got to hot then I packed it in and waited in my cool house for 6:00PM to pass. I went back out after dinner to finish up planting almost all of the blubs that my gal pal brought over. I still have a ton left which will have to be given away because I think I am done for now with the planting until I see how everything looks next spring. We have one more final stage of the back yard landscape which will hopefully be started this fall and I will have a bit more room for planting. We plan to extend it all the way around the perimeter of the yard. Right now I think I am about full up with still a bit of room to spread out for all the plants.

I can’t wait to see how these cream colored & ruffled bearded Iris look next spring bordered with my deep purple Siberian Iris in front of them. I think it will be a really great contrast against each other!


Well are we glad that the only one who should know the time and the place is our Heavenly Father? As the Hubs and I sat and had a blessing before our supper yesterday I couldn't help but think of all the sad folks who truly bought into this. I read an article that some of this groups followers had quit their jobs, sold everything and given all there money to this man and his organization. I am wondering what they are thinking right now.

There are days when I truly do desire for Jesus to “Come. O Lord Jesus, Come!” but in my frustration or weariness or what ever it is at the moment I remember that the only person who does know the time and the place knows far more than me. He also knows exactly when, where and how to bring it about at exactly the right time!

Until then, I’m praying. reading the Holy Scriptures, worshiping with my brothers and sisters in Christ, taking care of my family, playing with my grandbaby, going on the occasional vacation. cooking, cleaning, reading, taking pictures, blogging and a whole bunch of other things as well.

Blessings for another day! and since we do get another day y’all head over to Sara’s and link up for more 365 fun!



The Cyber Hermit said...

Your souvenirs are lovely and I'm glad you had such a good time. I have one of those salt containers as well and I love it.

sara said...

where are the macadamia nuts in that first picture?!!!!

Sometimes I get weary and so desire for Christ to return quickly....then I think of all my family and friends who do not know Him yet....


Souvenirs from Hawaii are so much fun. I wish I had been doing Project 365 when I went. Loved the pictures of your garden.

RaD said...

Yeah I didn't buy into Jesus' return on May 21st either. Jesus said only the Father knows the day and the hour, which means man will not know.

Glad you had a great vacation and thanks for sharing parts of it with us!

Oskar said...

I really loved the message in this post!

Hugs & love,

Kim said...

Mmmmm, I haven't had any KFC yet. Must rectify at once! LOL

What a blessing to get so many plants! But what a back breaking job to plant them all :0 I'm sure when they flower next year, you'll be thankful for all the work you put into it, though.

Enjoying your vacay photos!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

I love all those souvenirs... such beautifully made creations!

I wish I could garden. I touch anything green & I break out in hives.

The Bug said...

I love your smart balance spread right there ready for the ginormous KFC biscuits :)

I'm glad you had a good time, & I can't wait to see how your yard looks when everything is blooming. And I'm glad you weren't raptured & left me behind. Heh.

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