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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Before and After…and all that’s left to do is a pedicure and pack…at least I think that’s all…..

I’m nearly done with all the pre-vacation prep work, all I have to do now is put the cloths actually in the suit case and then I am planning a little pre vacation papering this morning with a mani-pedi!!! Yea for me!

So here’s the thing…..Skoots1mom is going to be camping out with my DD for a few days while we are on vacation! Is she the best or what???

HUGE AWESOMNESS and beyond thankful for her is all I can say!

So in the spirit of friendship and because she really deserves it I got the guest room all fixed up. It was in sad shape. Isn’t it always the way of things that you usually put off till tomorrow until there is a real necessity!

Like she could sleep in there with it like this!!!!!!

So this is the before……..



and this is the AFTER…

I purchased a new soft fleecy green blanket, two new bed pillows and a bed side lamp…all total I think I spent a little over $40.00! Not to bad for whipping up a guest room if I do say so myself! Please disregard the attractive ironing board in the corner…Martha Stewart I am not!


Almost all of it was repurposed from various places around the house. A few throw pillows from the bonus room, some unused decor from the DD room that she no longer uses, and a few odds and ends from other places.


I got these nifty little candle sticks at the Goodwill!


and you have to have a little something that smells nice…..


and a little something sweet….


I like a little Before and After action when it is inexpensive and comes together nicely don’t y’all!





Thena said...

Quiet cozy looking.

The Bug said...

I don't know who's the better friend - you for fixing up the room or Skootsmom for daughter sitting. I think it's a tie :)

Emily said...

That's amazing! The room, your friendship, your friend, you, the chocolates-- all of it! :)

Mary said...


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