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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Home Again Jiggidy-Jigg

The sun comes up at about 5:30 AM in Hawaii so most mornings I found myself up very early.

It feels like one long day but in reality it was yesterday. I woke up at 5:45 AM with a splitting headache and a bit of an upset tummy. Later the hubs would complain that he did not feel that good either. We can only guess that something at dinner the night before did not sit well with either of us. We both managed to have a bite or two of just about everything as we shared tastes from each other plates.

After some Excedrin Migraine meds and a few good cups of coffee my headache was cured but I was still feeling a bit unprepared for the day ahead.

We had a light breakfast in our room and then set about getting our things ready to go back home.

Our first flight was at 12:45 PM which meant that we had to be packed up and down in the lobby at 10:30 AM to meet the air port shuttle at 10:45. They must send the nice shuttle vans to pick you up at the airport and reserve the crappy vans for your departure home. I will leave to your imagination the revolting aroma that wafted around me in my already unsettle state. Let’s just say that I was in a constant state of prayer that I did not hurl all over the back of the drivers head on the thirty minute drive to the airport.

Thankfully I had a small packet of cheese and cracker so before heading to security we sat down and had a very light snack. This did wonders for the state of our upset tummies and we both felt much improved.

We get the security check in and there is a massive HUGE, REALLLY REALLY LONG line. Just as we stepped into the line a TSA Agent approached us and opened another line and we were cattle rounded into a much smaller and quicker line. God is so good and took care of that concern even before I had a chance to lay it before him.

Our first flight was at 12:45 PM to Los Angeles so by this time I have already been up for seven hours. I will fill you in later about the curly headed toddler who was sitting in mom and dad’s lap and how much fun she had on the flight…can you say kicking and screaming…..

We land in LAX at 6:00ish but with the time change difference it was almost 9:00 PM. Our flight to Atlanta is schedule to leave at 10:55 PM. We have just enough time to grab a quick bit to eat and then make it to the gate in time for early boarding.

Flight time from LAX to Atlanta 3 hours and 41 minutes, arriving at about 6:00 AM Atlanta time. This by my count makes 18 hours we have been in transit.

The flight landed on time and we gather our bags and head to the airport parking where upon we realize that the hubs has no idea where his car keys are. Thankfully being the slightly obsessive packer that I ham I had my house keys securely in my zipper pocket on the outside on my purse.

We arrive home at about  7:30 AM almost 24 hours from the time I stepped out of bed Monday morning. We arrived a bit bleary eyed but thankfully very glad to be on familiar soil.

I tried to bolster myself with a bite to eat to try to stave off the jet lag with plans to make it to bed early but the old bones just would not cooperate. I hit the wall and had to take a short power nap for about an hour.
God was faithful again and answered our request before we even had a chance to place it before him. As we began to unpack the Hubs found his car keys in the bottom of one of the suit cases. We felt for sure they were sitting in a mound in some airport along our course of travels.

The laundry is sorted and one load is in the works. The pictures have been download onto the computer and now all that is left to do is get back to normal.

I’ve got some stuff to share y’all but not today!

Y’all check back for my Hawaii 2011 Adventure Travel Log!

Vacation is a good thing but it is also good to be home!



The Bug said...

Welcome home!

skoots1mom said...

hope you were able to sleep and sleep. treat your jetlag like a hangover...it will help ;)

Thena said...

I'm sure it was a great vacation despite the flight home.

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