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Friday, May 27, 2011

It was a Five Star Y’all…The Grand Wailea

First let me share that never in a million years could we ever afford to stay at a place like this ever, ever, ever.

However having a husband who travels on occasion does have it’s perks from time to time.

Last year Hilton ran a promotion for a few months, for every night that you stayed in one of there facilities you received a voucher for one night free in any of there hotels…any of their hotels with no restrictions. The hubs racked up four of those puppies over the course of a few months.

Y’all talk about swanky, fancy, ritzy and any other adjective you can think of….well all I can say is rich folks sure know how to do it up right and they do it up real good at the Grand Wailea…in a BIG way.

We check in on afternoon of Friday, May 13th and then we had Saturday, Sunday and then we had to check out Monday morning for our flight back home.

It was one of the most amazing places I think I have ever seen.

When we got there the hubs did his usual thing and made fast friends with the hotel clerk. They struck up a conversation. He never meets a stranger, a talent that I just don't have. Anyway, she asked him if we were vacationing to celebrate a special occasion and the hubs begins to tell her that we were approaching our 29th wedding anniversary in a few weeks. Well she was impressed with our longevity and in honor of the occasion she gave us a $40.00 coupon for one of the restaurants as well as a coupon for FREE bottle of champagne.

But here’s the real kicker…..

One of the options that came along with this promotion was the ability to upgrade for a very minimal cost should there be any upgradable rooms available. Well when the clerk found out that we were celebrating our anniversary she went that extra mile and upgraded us to the very top of what she was allowed to do.

Are y’all ready for this….we got an $1,100.00 an night room for $59.00 a night!

I was speechless. I will never complain about the hubs being out of town ever again I can tell ya that for sure!



The very first thing we see is this!



This was the view from our balcony. It was an amazing view!


Finally a traditional Hawaiian greeting. They know how to make their paying customers feel welcome. I finally got a flower lei!


Our room!


The balcony had real wood furniture, with real upholstered cushions. No plastic furniture here y’all! Plus it was HUGE!


The bathroom…AWESOME. A garden tub, steam shower, his and her’s sinks and a phone right next to the toilet. And the potty had it’s own separate room as well!


Bath sheets y’all not bath towels and a big lighted magnifying mirror mounted on the bathroom wall by the sink.


Thick plush white bath robes hanging in the closet. Real wooden hangers and even a few of those satin covered padded hangers as well!


Every evening when we would return from dinner we would come back in the room to find the shutter doors to the balcony closed and the bed turned down and a small card with a note and a small flower on the bed. They would also do a bit of straightening up. I would find my shoes lined up against the wall, if I had left the ironing board out it was folded up and put back in the closet. If there had been dirty towels in the bathroom they had been replaced with clean fresh towels. The sheets on the bed had to be at least 400 or more thread count and the comforter and the comfy bed, well you just sunk deep down into the mattress and off you went to sleep each night!



This hotel was by far one of the nicest hotels' we have ever stayed at EVER!

When I walked into the lobby I felt right at home. It seems that in advance of my arrival they had commissioned a local artist to sculpt my likeness in honor of my arrival. The rubenesque piece of art work did make me feel right at home knowing that I was not the most voluptuous female form to fill out the landscape…and hey…I at least had my bathing suit on!


They actually had two statures of me, I guess the hubs hotel points really do make a difference! LOL!


This was in the back off to the left of the pool.


Koi ponds lined with flagstone paths, wooden bridges and palm trees. In the evening when the torches were lit it looked amazing!


They had flowers planted just about everywhere. The overflowing beds of impatiens were filing the interior of the lobby on all sides.


This was in the main lobby



All down the sides of the hotel they had these very comfy sitting areas. I don’t think I saw a table that did not have a potted orchid sitting on it.


This was the dinning room where the breakfast buffet was served.


This is the adult pool, it was called the Hibiscus Pool. Named for the huge mosaic of two blooming hibiscus blossoms on the bottom of the pool. It was hard to see during the day when the pool was filled with people but I was lucky enough to take a stroll by the pool one evening and found it completely empty. It really was beautiful!



It seemed like everywhere you looked there was a bubbling fountain, a koi pond, a shady peaceful spot to sit or a rolling green lawn surrounded by overflowing colorful flower beds.



The hotel had a whole other side to the complex that was a bit more family oriented. It had a family pool with this elaborate water slide and an activity deck. I went over and gave the family side a look see however since my days of screaming little angels is long over I quickly made my way back to the safety of the adult pool and made myself ta home.

It also had beach front property where you could get chair and beach umbrella but I opted to commander this lounge chair under some prime umbrella territory and stake my claim on Sunday morning.


Y’all Hampton Inn this defiantly was NOT!

I had clean towels every day, someone made my bed for me every day, someone picked up my shoes for me every day, someone turned down my bed every night, gave me fresh bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion every day. And it was all done by an invisible someone, it seemed that no matter what time we left our room when we cam back it was all cleaned up.

Invisible hotel fairies y’all!

They took such good care of me while I was there. I think the most physically taxing think I did was maybe push the button on the in room coffee maker.

I know it will probably be a very long time before I get the five star treatment again but what I can tell you is that while it lasted it was really good!

Blessings & Mahalo



Mary said...

What a way to go out! CH is the same way: he'll talk to anybody. When we went to Disney we were upgraded because the desk clerk's mom worked for the same company CH worked for. There are benefits to talking!
Those pictures are beautiful!

Thena said...

WOW!! I would have been speechless too. I'm sure it was beautiful.

skoots1mom said...

i'm having a great vacation as I take in your beautiful shots...mmmmmmmm, so sweet!

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