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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weekend Warrior

Y’all it felt like we were on an episode of HGTV’s Ground Breakers.


In a nutshell, my weekend started on Thursday with a trip to a local grower. I returned home with three Leland Cypress, three Autumn Twist Encore Azaleas and two flats of Liriope New Blue, that’s Monkey Grass in normal people language!

P1211090000 P1211090001

Not all of this lovely green-ness belongs to me. Some of it is now in Skoots1mom’s yard, plus one of my other dear friends as well.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were a whirl of backyard activity!

 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0008

I got almost a third Liriope planted on Thursday!


and two thirds left to go…it seemed like I had about a million of these little suckers to plant but in reality it was only 36 small plants.

I finished up part of my planting on Friday and then the really hard work started.

Ever moved a fence line? ON A HILL!!!!!

Let’s just say that there was much digging, sledge hammer wielding (by the hubs, not me) hauling bags of concrete, and yes I managed a few bags and they weighed 50 pound each!

We dug holes, we filled in holes, I stirred concrete, I shoveled concrete, I used loping shears, hack saws, a hammer, I hauled sticky juniper branches, got stuck by prickly sticky juniper braches and YES…I used power tools!

I am construction worker hear me roar!

In the process I only had to make two trips to the Home Depot for additional supplies. Isn’t it just a right of passage that you always need more or forget just one thing!

Anywhoo, on one of my trips to get a fence post I saw a bright yellow dancing chicken advertising a local hot wings restaurant and two hot air balloons out for an afternoon flight on the absolutely amazing fall day we were having. The dancing chicken was amusing but the hot air balloons were awesome. I tried to get a picture of them but sadly by the time I got to the Home Depot they had dropped to low in the sky for me to see them.

In the process of moving the fence line we vexed the dog to his limit as he had to remain on his chain while he was in the backyard. He could see his ultimate freedom, but to his great frustration his chain held firm! He did however exact his revenge by snatching and gnawing on a finial that was laying at the hubs feet awaiting installation.

At long last on Sunday afternoon the new fencing was in place and we stood back and surveyed our handiwork with a sense of satisfaction.

Satisfaction flavored with a thick covering of Georgia red clay, sweat, concrete dust, splinters, sunburned faces and shear exhaustion.

Here is a picture of the completed project. This new space will be the future home of  a backyard shed.


Thrilling I know.

But it will also mean that we can move many many, many, many, many things stored in the garage out of the garage. In turn this will mean that I can back my van out of the garage with out whacking my side view mirror on the garbage can for which I will be eternally grateful!

Here is a picture of the new landscape area in the back yard.


If you look closely you can see the line in the dirt where the previous fence line was. We moved it back about 10 feet. Did I mention that we moved it back ten feet ON A HILL!


This is our ingenious solution, much to my perfectionist husband dismay, to correct the dog sized gaps at the bottom of the fence.


And guess what y’all we are still not done. We move on to shed installation 101 and then moving the fence line on the other side of the house!

But that’s for another weekend!

What did y’all do this past weekend?




skoots1mom said...

all your hard work makes me so eager for spring already...can't wait to be sippin' a cup 'o joe while enjoying the fruits of His creation :D

Kim said...

Very impressive! Just plant a bunch of thick plants in front of the dog-proofing planks and they'll never even show :-)

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