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Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Into Flavor - Old Fashioned Candied Orange Peel

Joining Lid over at 2nd Cup of Coffee for this weeks Fall Into Flavor.


So what do ya do when you buy a bag of oranges that aren't so good?????


Make candied orange peel!

Y’all every time I make these I think of my grandma!

Old Fashioned Candied Orange Peel

(and yes you can use lemons or limes as well)

Carefully peel your oranges. I use my handy dandy Tupperware citrus peeler.

citrus peeler

If you don't have one you could cut your oranges in half and then into quarters and then gently pull the peel away from the flesh of the orange.


In a large pot bring to a boil about 6 cups of water. Add orange peel and let simmer for 30 minutes.


After 30 minutes drain orange peel and then repeat the process again.

When the second simmering is complete drain the orange peel and then run cold water over them until they are cool enough to handle.

With a small spoon (cereal spoon works well) gently scrape all the white pulpy stuff away. Do this very gently or you will break the orange peel!

When you have scraped all the fleshy white stuff away thinly slice the orange peel into strips. About 1/8 in wide.


In large pot put 2 cups sugar and one cup water and heat until completely dissolved. Add sliced orange peel and simmer for 45 minutes over low heat. Stirring about ever 10 to 15 minutes.

While orange peel are simmering take a large pan (I use a 9 X 13 inch cake pan with a piece of parchment paper on the bottom) and about 2 cups of sugar and set aside.

At the end of 45 minutes pour orange peel into wire strainer and then immediately transfer to your pan with the sugar spread in the bottom. Work quickly with fork and toss the orange peel in the sugar until they are all thoroughly coated and no longer sticking together. Each piece of peel should be completely covered on both sides with sugar.

Let orange peel rest in sugar until cool enough to handle. The candied orange peel should feel completely dry to the touch and it will have hardened. IMG_0026

Transfer candy to a mason jar or zip lock bag and you’re done!


These sweet treats are great to give as a gift. People will think you are Julia Child when you hand them a homemade batch of Old Fashioned Candied Orange Peel.

You’ll be the only one who will know how simple it really is!

If you want to make it extra special you can make a batch of Chocolate Ganache and dip half of the orange peel in chocolate, OMGosh is it good!

Happy Fall into Flavor!




SnoWhite said...

what a unique recipe -- looks fantastic! I love those orange peelers ... brings back memories of peeling oranges growing up :)

Terri Tiffany said...

I didn't have a clue people used peel for that! WOW!
I'm off today--dentist appt-but look forward to reading his sermon!

Joyce said...

Oh, this looks yummy! I will definitely be trying!

KD said...

I have always wondered how to make orange peel. Thanks so much for sharing.

Susanne said...

I have to try these! They sound so good, especially the chocolate part!

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