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Friday, November 6, 2009

Golden Gate Park

There were so many beautiful places in Golden Gate Park. I probably took over 100 images in the park alone. I will spare you the entire slide show, but here are a few of the more memorable or amazing sights we experienced in the park.

It’s long and it stretches all the way to the ocean.


There is a museum, a botanical garden, a conservatory of flowers, a dahlia garden, a rose garden, a carousal, a Japanese Tea Garden, free concerts, a playground, ball fields, ballroom dancing and much, much more.IMG_0292 

We took a stroll around the Dahlia Dell. It was just beautiful.  The Dahlia’s were in bloom and they were showing off in a BIG way!

Dahlias remind me of my grandmother.

IMG_0310  IMG_0307 IMG_0308     IMG_0313   IMG_0320

The Shakespeare GardenIMG_0330

There were chairs set up. I assumed for a wedding. How beautiful would it be to get married in this picturesque setting.

I think all total we saw four couples at various times during our vacation in the midst of there wedding. We saw one in Napa Valley, one on the beach, one in the tea garden and then a couple walking down the streets of San Francisco in full wedding attire.

It was the weekend for weddings.


The Japanese Tea Garden

Words just fail at times.

There was such a sense of peace and simplicity as we walked around the Japanese gardens. The symmetry, the balance and just how peaceful it was. There was just something so soothing about being in those surroundings.IMG_0343  IMG_0340 IMG_0341  IMG_0342

 IMG_0372IMG_0369  IMG_0371

 IMG_0383 After we finished walking around the amazing gardens we took a short break at this tea house. We enjoyed a steaming hot cup of Japanese tea as we looked out over the Kio pond. There was a slight chill in the air. The warm tea going down was a wonderful comfort for our tummies as well as our hands as we cupped the stoneware mugs.


Here is the last newlywed couple we saw. Hands down this is where I would want my wedding pictures taken. I can not think of a more beautiful and memorable spot to commemorate the joining of husband and wife.


Here is my final video of our trip, I hear sighs of relief from all over blogland, it is just under two minutes and it kinda sums up our day at Golden Gate Park!

As Forest Gump would say “and that’s all I have to say about that!”

This concludes the “Never-ending Travelpalooza” on our trip to Napa Valley & San Francisco, October 2009.





skoots1mom said...

i'll revisit your photos and video often...it gets better EACH time :)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! You take excellent photos, Robin. Love the flowers. Love the topiary bushes that looked like several green balls.

Thanks for sharing.

I can imagine it would be beautiful place for a wedding as showcased with the couple.

Kim said...

Finally the computer all to myself :-) Now I can catch up on reading blogs. I am so far behind!
I've really enjoyed hearing about your trip! You've talked about and shown some places I'd love to visit one day :-) The Japanese Tea Garden looks amazing; definitely one of those places!
I'm going to have to try the candied orange peel and then, if I get brave, try dipping them in chocolate. Do you think it would help to add a little paraffin to the chocolate to help it set up? That's what I remember doing years ago when I made Buckeyes.
Funny answers to this week's Random Dozen :-) Your grandbaby is so adorable!!!

Nel said...

Thanks for sharing your trip with us! I am so glad you had a wonderful time. Your pictures are beautiful, I love the ones of the flowers. Again, thanks for sharing.

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